Gravy is a sauce made from the juices of meat or vegetables and enhances the flavour of a meal. In poorer times, to have gravy on your meal is a sign that you have sufficient meat and vegetables to make such a nice meal. Hence the phrase "on the gravy train" meaning that ones life was well supplied with good things, usually money.

"It's all gravy" therefore means that there is an abundance of good things in the given circumstance.

It should not be taken to mean that there is no problem or that a situation is liked, specifically. Those things may follow but are not necessarily connected.
A: We just secured a lucrative contract with the supplier with an open ended term.
B: It's all gravy from here on, boys.
by arseburgers March 11, 2013
Top Definition
everything is cool ... equivalent to no worries
friend one: aye blood that niggah is talking shit about you
friend two: it's all gravy fam, he don't know me
by tha professor November 19, 2003
means it is all good
I dropt your paper then you say its all gravy
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
It's all gravy : It's alright; it's all good; everything is cool.
Gangster 1: Damn you spilled yo 40 on yo timbs!
Gangster 2: It's all gravy chill son!
by Joel and Amy February 19, 2003
1. "It's all good"
2. A random phrase
3. "Ehh who cares! It's pointless/it's all the same!"
1. Yeah, man, it's all gravy.

2. Bob: It's all gravy!
Lara: Ok...

3. Ehhh who cares! It's all gravy!
by the sane maniac January 31, 2004
is a phrase meaning everything is okay, its no big deal, it aint no thang but a chicken wang.
Nicole - "Oh shit, we're supposed to be having a party, but we dont have any fucking beer!"
Rachael - "Its all gravy, I'll call Matt."
by RachRunzYou March 24, 2008
It means everything is all G between you and me!
Max: Oh shit! My bad, I just knocked over your drink.

Matt: its all gravy . It was empty anyways.
by BurnYourFlag May 05, 2007
What do you eat at Thanksgiving? Turkey, exactly. And the turkey is usually dry, but still tastes good, right? Well, if you put gravy on it, it makes it much better. Thus, gravy = good. It equal to "It's all good"
Me: Dude! I got a "C" in Math, my mom's going to kill me!
Omar: In Math!? Dude, I got an "A" in that class. First I thought it would be hard, but now it's all gravy.
by Mohammed October 16, 2004
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