International Superstar Soccer

Football game for the Nintendo Gamecube in which countries try to score more goals than the other. Following on from the versions on the N64 this game takes its place in the hall of fame. When ISS is mentioned there are only 2 people in the whole of the world that can be associated with the game:Sam and Liam.

Sam and Liam are the 2 warriors which give ISS its name. Thier league in which the scores are held in the INFAMOUS sheep book has stretced to the 329th game. The true warrior leads 166-163 and has also scored the games greatest goal. (Yes Liam you nose it the one with vieri runnning away from goal) If ISS is to be talked about you have to speak about the faults.
1)The players sometimes to decide to run to the corner and a big blue triange fills half the screen with the famous NING NING sound.
2)If you do a lob from the halfway line the keeper automatically dives the wrong way, these had to be banned due to arguments
3)Only half of the players are real but when they are real the names are worth it (eg) Peterside, Bob Peters, The Rojas brothers and the Tekke brothers
4)You can score geneuinely good goals and corners are given
5)There is a curse on Rio Ferdinand- He always gets sent off
6)The camera has never been hit....ONE DAY
7)Sometimes the ball decides to stick to the players shoulder whilst he spins in a circle.
8)The commentators decide to call you England no matter what country you are
9)In 329 games there has only been one injurY-Edgar Davids

These are the reasons i love ISS (no doubt someone will hate it)

When writing about ISS there is 1 player who just has to be mentioned. He goes by the name of Paul Dickov and should be in jail.AKA The hat-trick rapist hero for reasons that he scores a hat trick every game and is a rapist.

So what is actually good about the game...EVERYTHING....gameplay, detail, the ref is called HEINZ MULLER, they dont know the offside rule, the adrenaline rush, those shitty goals that liam always scores, the fact that scotland always beat england....ITS SOOOO MUCH BETTER THAT FIFA

2 rulers-Sam and Liam- One ruler-Sam
sam - "what did you do last night"
laim - "miss johnstone"
sam - "fair enough..wanna play some ISS"
liam - yeh sure
by Samwise February 15, 2005
The new lol, it means I slightly smiled, which is exactly what you do.
A: Guess what I just saw brain cheese, it tasted good.
B: iss
by BilloJill September 24, 2006
Internation Superstar Soccer (ISS) pro evolution for the playstation. A fucking ace game.
Wanna game of ISS?
fancy a beating on ISS?
by toe April 01, 2004
A special ruler person ^^
I luffles ISS o.o
by Turtleness August 31, 2003

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