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Israel Bain is a hunk with shredded calves. He gets all of the bitches. He is known to have a dick the size of full grown horses'. His skills in bed are amazing. It is said that he once did "helicopter dick" and flew away into outer space. Imagine the perfect man in your mind. That perfect man looks like him. He is like a brown jesus. His biceps are larger than Mount Everest. He has so much swog that The Holy God himself came down and bowed before him. His mullet has so much flow that occasionally when he flips it, it creates a tsunami destroying hundreds of villages in Eastern Asia. He once beat up Chuck Norris with only his pinky toe. He is so great that when he dies, he will be placed in a pyramid larger than the sun. He is also hotter than the sun. Like the sun, he turns all of the casual women into thirsty hoes. israelbain is a celebrity because he was one of the youngest people to win a noble prize. Also because he is shredded. In the movie "The Hunger Games", Jennifer Lawrence

personally request israelbain as the main male character just so she could kiss him. He denied her the went back to travel between space and time. There is a religion named after israelbain called "Bainism".
1. noun) Israelbain is a sex god.

2.Adjective) I really want to hit the gym so that way I can get as massive as israelbain.
by israelandjustin February 06, 2014
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