Land that was originally Palestine, stolen in 1948 after Hitler executed the Jews. Though the Jews were executed, it doesn't give the Zionists the right to execute the innocent Palestinian. Over 22,000 homes have been demolished in the West bank and zero in Israel.
Guy 1: Hey Bro, John just took my homework.
Guy 2: He pulled an Israel on you?
Guy 1: Yup.
by Voice for the Silenced March 23, 2013
A group of Zionists who decided to take Palestine as their country, and call it Israel.
Dude #1: wow... did you see how Israel looks like on the map..!!!!!!!

Dude #2: What? Where's Israel? You are pointing at Palestine.. idiot...
by TaMmY.PAL June 08, 2010
Israel was created in the year of 1948 in favor of the Zionist movement. Britain had formerly controlled the Holy Land of all 3 monotheistic religions but had decided to pass it on to the jews. As soon as British forces pulled out 3 Arab armies from the countries of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan attacked Israel. They unfortunately lost.

Over the years Israel had unfairly taken lands from surronding Arab countries ever since. For instance the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, today being controlled by an Arab group named Hamas, and the West Bank, Which includes Jerusalem, the third holiest city in Islam and a very important area to Christianity.

Israel still stands today thanks to the fact that its able to suck up to Westerners and win their support to recieve weapons and money. Last year President George W. Bush agreed to a 30 BILLION dollar fund to the state of Israel. Guess where that 30 billion comes from? Our taxes. Yes we pay taxes to benifit a puny little strip of land in the Middle East.

Much of the racism that goes on in cities like Jerusalem is kept hidden by our media. For instance the Dome of the Rock the same rock that the Prophet Abraham sacrificed a ram upon is kept in a mosque. That mosque is usually barred off from Muslims because right across the street some Jew is sticking his head into the Western Wall and every Jew automatically thinks that because a guy is Arab he is gonna crawl into the wall and blow himself up. Also many Palestinians who were the former occupiers of the land have been either kicked out by the Israeli assholes or left in the poorer district without access to heat or air conditioning.

If these Jews want to continue to own the strip of land half the size of Indiana then they will have to realize that there are other religious people living there too like the Christians and the Muslims. They will have to learn that they cannot live in a purely Jewish state if theyre not all Jews. And if they cant? well then the Arabs will have to win the ongoing war one day won't they?

No example necessary for Israel.
by fjryeidy January 13, 2008
A small piece of land which was originally called Palestine, seeing as it was originally Palestinians land, not Jews (Israelis)
Oh and the Kebabs, and the rest of the Middle Eastern things dont come from Israel, it comes from Saudi and Syria, cos if you think about it Israelis are really Europeans after the second world war.
Sara: Omdz im going to a Palestine demonstration tomorrow...
Laura: oh why is that?
Sara: To defend Palestine, because Israel stole their land!
by ILOVEPALESTINE May 07, 2009
cominly known as a dum fuck dat thinks he knows it all, and for sum reason cant pass 5 feet in hight. usually a four eye geek that cant get a girls number to save his life.
wtf here comes israel dont look!!
by buttscracher123 June 18, 2009
a fun person with a perveted mind. not shy at all very outgoing and kind wil be there when u need him
man david is such an israel he always looks at my azz
by lafresa01 March 06, 2009
Okay, Beepus, here's the fact, if Israel was based upon a really old document with something about romans and jews and proving that it's sonme sacred religious land, let's look at this anlge. It says in the Bible that after the crucifixion of Jesus, that the Jews would be cursed to wandering the world forever, and after the the persicution of the Jews by the Nazis and the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, that's your reason out the window. I'd like to note I'n NOT Christian. And the world doesn't need something to hate, we hate you because of what you did.
Israeli Jew:Let's steal someone's land and call everyone a Nazi!
by Reebus April 03, 2008

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