A terrorirst state, and the most hated nation on earth.
Did you see how many civilians the israeli army just killed using that illegal gas?

Hey, did you hear about the whole palestenian family that was killed by an israel bom on Gaza beach?

The israelis took the Palestenian's land and oppressed them.

There s no such thing as an israeli, they come from romania, poland, america, etc.
by bambar January 25, 2011
A state that was established in Palestine in 1948 based on UN resolution that partitioned Palestine. It is a country that declares itself to be Jewish and therefore non-Jews are considered less of human beings. When it was established, it ethnically cleansed the native palestinians from its territories. It continues to be one of the most violators of UN resolutions, Human rights law and basic civil rights concepts.
In 2006 Israel lunched an attack on Lebanon using internationally banned weapons causing major destruction and deaths. It did the same thing again in 2009 against Gaza.
by Serious historian December 13, 2009
Sorry, did you mean PALESTINE?
Stolen land that belongs to the Palestinians

A corrupt inhumane state that kills thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians including young children yet they set themselves out to be the poor innocent ones.
I'm from Israel

Did you mean Palestine?

Yeah sorry, that's what I meant
by fariiii September 07, 2011
A Legitimate country bourne by Western guilt; a by product of the Holocaust. A nation, where people forget the lesson of barbarity from their own history, in a failing effort to protect their own borders.

A term used to describe a disproportionate action.

A country that longs for peace but never gets it cos it government insist on occupying its neighbours land and keeping foreign nationals in prison for no rhyme or reason. Guantanamo

A country who know it can get away with anything cos Big Daddy ('Ol Uncle Sam) is watching its booty.

A country where its peaceful citizens are being constantly let down by its government, army and ultra religious( who never has to fight in the wars!)
1) Is Isreal at it again with its Arab neighbours? How boring!

2) Is Israeli and Arab lives cheap? They seem to enjoy killing each other off on a frequent basis.

3) Is Isreal the 51st state of USA?

4) Israel has the right to exist and its people deserve peace.

5) Anti Isreal is not synonymous with anti semitic.
by Social Commentary July 30, 2006
A geographical and ethnical manifestation of a selected interpretation of a sacred religous text: The Torah. A conflict within itself, often portrayed by uncompromising individuals in a both flattering and unflattering context. A nation with a ill-defined boundary and (as a defining feature)a very prominent military. All aspects of this nation are controversial and , notably in the United States, is subsequently avoided as a subject. All mainstream media outlets rarely discuss in-depth about this matter and is typically not discussed by people in the Western world. The nation's populace is defined as "Jewish", making such a statement an enigma, giving a ethnic connotation with a spirtuality. Israel's type of governance is an exclusive democracy for the jewish people. However, this not to be confused with a theocracy. The vast majority of negative critisism attributed to israeli policy is typically called "anti-semitism", equivacating the statement to racist hatred, and simaltaneously neutralizing the critism's credibility. This makes most open dialogue about Israel impossible. The opposing soverignty of "Palestine" and "Palestinians" is equally perplexing, with the country and people's status ranging from non-existant to an indeginous entity (also conflicting with selective histories).
I want to discuss the defense policies of Israel.

You are an arab-loving, anti-semetic son-of-a-bitch.
by Truth in the form of hip hop June 12, 2008
Land that was originally Palestine, stolen in 1948 after Hitler executed the Jews. Though the Jews were executed, it doesn't give the Zionists the right to execute the innocent Palestinian. Over 22,000 homes have been demolished in the West bank and zero in Israel.
Guy 1: Hey Bro, John just took my homework.
Guy 2: He pulled an Israel on you?
Guy 1: Yup.
by Voice for the Silenced March 23, 2013
A group of Zionists who decided to take Palestine as their country, and call it Israel.
Dude #1: wow... did you see how Israel looks like on the map..!!!!!!!

Dude #2: What? Where's Israel? You are pointing at Palestine.. idiot...
by TaMmY.PAL June 08, 2010

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