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Israel is a heavily aid-dependent communist country in the Middle East. Much like North Korea, it would collapse without massive injections of cash from its' main sponsor (in Israel's case, the US).
Israel only has such a kick-ass military because it recieves 25% of all US foreign aid. America needs to treat Israel like the satellite state it truly is.
by dudeintheuk December 03, 2006
god like being that has no fear no emotions

israel who is one with self and can do anything

israel he who walks with god
thats israel

yea the god amongst insects
A type of monk or ordaned sprit.
Wow that bishop is such an Israel.
by Criff May 05, 2009
An amazingly outgoing and sensitive guy who is to nice for his own good. He frequently sticks his neck out for people no matter the cost to himself but even be seems like mr.self confidence he can be very self conscious. He's great at talking to girls and giving advice but when it comes to taking that advice himself fails. He's an extremely good looking guy who you cant ever hate and is known for being an angel on earth. If you know an angel then consider yourself lucky to have a great friend and if your a girl don't put him in the friendzone as he often dose to himself.
"Yo israel is my best friend he helped me and girlfriend stay together"
by PapiLongSword October 23, 2012
A cool niqquh that lives in Modesto, went to chrysler, Prescott, and Davis. He's also famous and owns 13 cars. He was in movies such as men in black, star wars, and much more
Friend: hey israel wanna come hang out at my house?
Israel: no, sorry man. I'm filming transformers 3 today. Maybe net week.
by Not israel July 14, 2011
A terrorirst state, and the most hated nation on earth.
Did you see how many civilians the israeli army just killed using that illegal gas?

Hey, did you hear about the whole palestenian family that was killed by an israel bom on Gaza beach?

The israelis took the Palestenian's land and oppressed them.

There s no such thing as an israeli, they come from romania, poland, america, etc.
by bambar January 25, 2011
Hairy kimbo looking n*gger
damn man erjons going for the israel look
by bobe17 September 21, 2010