An illegal state that the rest of the world tries to ignore. But due to the influx of jews into the USA who became powerful, the subsequent pity by common Americans for the holocaust, and the wacky of ideas Zionists: this state receives much US fiscal and military support (since they have us by the balls) against the Arab states who wish to recapture their stolen land.

The #1 reason why the USA has problems with Arab countries. Prior to the creation of Israel, the United States had excellent relations with the arab world.

Responsible for atrocities in Lebanon and Palestinian refuge camps.

Indirectly or directly responsible for many American deaths (e.g. Sept 11, USS Liberty).
Osama Bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein gained support by their opposition to the state of Israel.
by ignoramus April 01, 2006
A small occupied territory basically given to the Jews by Britain in 1948 because of the Zionist Movement. Today Israel basically feeds off the major powers in the world like America and sucks up to them whenever theyre in trouble. This is the only reason that the Arabs weren't able to take over Jerusalem back and the rest of Israel even though its their land and they fought 7 damn Crusades over it. Israel is always under conflict with the Palestinians who are facing extreme poverty and racism in cities like Jerusalem that used to be theirs. This has resulted in the Palestinians unleashing attacks of terrorism against the Israelis.
"Hey whats that dinky country over there?"
" thats Israel"
by Ledzeppelinfan January 02, 2008
An amazingly outgoing and sensitive guy who is to nice for his own good. He frequently sticks his neck out for people no matter the cost to himself but even be seems like mr.self confidence he can be very self conscious. He's great at talking to girls and giving advice but when it comes to taking that advice himself fails. He's an extremely good looking guy who you cant ever hate and is known for being an angel on earth. If you know an angel then consider yourself lucky to have a great friend and if your a girl don't put him in the friendzone as he often dose to himself.
"Yo israel is my best friend he helped me and girlfriend stay together"
by PapiLongSword October 23, 2012
A cool niqquh that lives in Modesto, went to chrysler, Prescott, and Davis. He's also famous and owns 13 cars. He was in movies such as men in black, star wars, and much more
Friend: hey israel wanna come hang out at my house?
Israel: no, sorry man. I'm filming transformers 3 today. Maybe net week.
by Not israel July 14, 2011
Hairy kimbo looking n*gger
damn man erjons going for the israel look
by bobe17 September 21, 2010
Israel is a heavily aid-dependent communist country in the Middle East. Much like North Korea, it would collapse without massive injections of cash from its' main sponsor (in Israel's case, the US).
Israel only has such a kick-ass military because it recieves 25% of all US foreign aid. America needs to treat Israel like the satellite state it truly is.
by dudeintheuk December 03, 2006
The Best Black Guy in the world who......
1. Has a penis as big as a 10 story building
2. Has all the porn in the world (especially hentai)
3. Is the First Black Chuck Norris
4. Has a Marijuana Forest
5. Owns every hoe
6. made the world's biggest condom to turn into an air balloon
7. related to Big Bubba
8. made the biggest blunt in the world

9. smoked a blunt with Obama
10. developed a cure for pro state cancer
11. Made you read this definition (That's how awesome he is)
1. Girl #1: I so want Israel's largest dick in the world all the way in my mouth to come out of my ass

Girl #2: Good luck with that

2. I know Israel he has all the porn in the world!!

3. Chuck Norris: *Touches Israel* "You are going to be the next black Chuck Norris"

4. Israel: *starts a marijuana forest fire*
Smokey the bear: *jumps out* Yo my nigga, they don't call me Smokey for nothing.

Israel and Smokey the bear then get high and see unicorns

5. Damn Israel that badass nigga fucked every hoe inthe world even your mom

6. Israel: *Inflates a condom and flies away*

7. Israel: "I'm the new Big Bubba"

8. It only takes Israel to smoke a 15 story blunt

9. Obama: 'sup my nigga *is high*
Israel: *smokes a blunt with Obama*

10. Israel: Hey my niggas. My cure for prostate cancer makes your balls grow to 200 pound testicles

11. Well Israel..... Hell hes just awesome
by Nightskai6 June 09, 2013

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