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The #1 country on this earth.
I'm making aliyah to Israel next year!
by Semite October 16, 2005
Israel is a heavily aid-dependent communist country in the Middle East. Much like North Korea, it would collapse without massive injections of cash from its' main sponsor (in Israel's case, the US).
Israel only has such a kick-ass military because it recieves 25% of all US foreign aid. America needs to treat Israel like the satellite state it truly is.
by dudeintheuk December 03, 2006
very few men's names; the men who have this name are very rare, lovable, and capable of making all your pain go away; very good friends to everyone they know and try to keep as much drama away from themselves
Go to Israel if you need anything.
by IsraeltheGreat July 10, 2008
one of the most talented and ripped man ever to come into existence. Someone who you would be proud to show off as a trophy husband! Often known for their angelic voices!
J: Hey, guys have you seen Israel in his new show?
C: Yeah, who ever is dating him sure is lucky! He is like a greek god!

J: Yeah, and his voice is like Angels!!!
by I'minabubbleforyou February 09, 2010
Hottest Man on EARTH
I agree that Israel is the Hottest man ON EARTH
by scuners24 February 25, 2010
Israel is a country .
Lets go to Israel because it is better then USA!
by Dan2tHeAmar March 03, 2005
the holy land..other known as the vagina
a word used to say that you had sex with a girl.
John: I went to Israel last night.
Mike: SCORE!!! with Sarah?
John: Yeah, she's so hot. It was amazing.
by sexynoggin October 11, 2011