A type of monk or ordaned sprit.
Wow that bishop is such an Israel.
by Criff May 05, 2009
the holy land..other known as the vagina
a word used to say that you had sex with a girl.
John: I went to Israel last night.
Mike: SCORE!!! with Sarah?
John: Yeah, she's so hot. It was amazing.
by sexynoggin October 11, 2011
The earliest known mention of the name 'Israel', probably referring to a group of people rather than to a place, is the Egyptian Merneptah Stele dated to about 1211 BCE. For over 3,000 years, Jews have regarded the Land of Israel as their homeland, both as a Holy Land and as a Promised land. The land of Israel holds a special place in Jewish religious obligations, encompassing Judaism's most important sites — including the remains of the First and Second Temples, as well as the rites concerning those temples. Starting around 1200 BCE, a series of Jewish kingdoms and states existed intermittently in the region for more than a millennium.

After a massive influx of Jews around 1920, the British Foreign Secretary (British liberated parts of the middle east in WWI from the Ottoman empire therefore according to them, it was under their control) Arthur J. Balfour issued the Balfour Declaration that "viewed with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people". Balfour promised the Jews a santuary although people (Arabs but as well as Jews) had already settled there. The area can be related to that of the earlier bedouin tribes in the Sanai peninsula.

Although there may not be a Palestine country per say, but the name was given to the area by the Roman empire. It was not fake infact it was spelled Palaestine.

The State may have an extremely powerful (for it's size) army, but it has been aided by the United States throughout its existance. Also credit going to the country as a whole for being as successful as it is, but once again there would not be an established government without the United States' support.

And to respond to Blue_blooded Israel's GDP is ranked 53rd on the list of countries in the world, the United Kingdom, which is otherwise known as England is ranked 6th. The standards of living may be closely related, but the GDP is no where near the standard of the United Kingdom.

Although when it is all said and done today Israel is an established state that is supported by the United States and also a prolific nuclear superpower. It isn't going anywhere anytime soon unless the United States realizes that Democracy will never survive in a radicallly islamic part of the world.
Israel invaded the Arab section of the state because of a kidnapping, a bit overzealous?
An amazingly outgoing and sensitive guy who is to nice for his own good. He frequently sticks his neck out for people no matter the cost to himself but even be seems like mr.self confidence he can be very self conscious. He's great at talking to girls and giving advice but when it comes to taking that advice himself fails. He's an extremely good looking guy who you cant ever hate and is known for being an angel on earth. If you know an angel then consider yourself lucky to have a great friend and if your a girl don't put him in the friendzone as he often dose to himself.
"Yo israel is my best friend he helped me and girlfriend stay together"
by PapiLongSword October 23, 2012
A colony of American and European Jews in Palestine that is paid for by American tax money. Israel shows her gratitude to her American benefactors by spying on them and flooding American media with Zionist propaganda. Israel enjoys the most powerful lobby in America, AIPAC. American Zionist Jews often play on the bigotries and religious sensibilities of their Christian counterparts: references to Islam and the End Times are common. Daily life in Israel consists of killing Palestinians, taking their land, and then arguing they are technically not human in the complete sense of the word. When not murdering Arabs, Israelis can be found trolling the internet bragging about how many people they have killed and how effective they are at it. When not killing Palestinians or trolling the internet, Israelis can be found at the American tax coffers greedily begging for money usually using some logical fallacy involving the Holocaust.
America's pathological and absurd support of Israel is the real reason that 9-11 happened.
by originalNZAoperator March 27, 2011
A small Jewish penis and bitch ass nigga
He has a Israel
by Smart Guy12345 October 19, 2015
Israel is a country.

Israel is also a name. Israel's are usually attractive, sweet and everything a girl would want. But he's also a player. He pretends to care about girls and he's a cheater. Israel is a douche bag.
I hope Israel never speaks to me again.
by Cornelius June 04, 2014
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