1. Israel in Hebrew: יִשְׂרָאֵל. Meaning "God contended".

2. Name of a person who is very nice, smart, bright and wonderful. This person knows how to love and will love freely, but can also be hurt, so careful with them. To love an Israel is the greatest reward in itself.
Girl 1: I thought about Israel all day.
Girl 2: Really? Is he nice?
Girl 1: Very nice, and handsome too!
by Drea Harrington June 26, 2011
very few men's names; the men who have this name are very rare, lovable, and capable of making all your pain go away; very good friends to everyone they know and try to keep as much drama away from themselves
Go to Israel if you need anything.
by IsraeltheGreat July 10, 2008
one of the most talented and ripped man ever to come into existence. Someone who you would be proud to show off as a trophy husband! Often known for their angelic voices!
J: Hey, guys have you seen Israel in his new show?
C: Yeah, who ever is dating him sure is lucky! He is like a greek god!

J: Yeah, and his voice is like Angels!!!
by I'minabubbleforyou February 09, 2010
Hottest Man on EARTH
I agree that Israel is the Hottest man ON EARTH
by scuners24 February 25, 2010
Israel is a country .
Lets go to Israel because it is better then USA!
by Dan2tHeAmar March 03, 2005
Someone who makes your life worth living. A beacon of light. A god amongst men.
Man, that guy is so Israel its not even funny.
by nilurt October 17, 2008
god like being that has no fear no emotions

israel who is one with self and can do anything

israel he who walks with god
thats israel

yea the god amongst insects

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