A "vacation" spot for Arab rockets.

arabs israel terrorrist bombs missiles vacation arab jews
Jim: Did you see that group of Arab tourists in Israel?

Tom: Why yes, I did! They were headed towards that synagogue! Their turbans were so pointy and red!
by khklhklhklhklhklh May 09, 2011
An awsome country with the best weapons in the world (Uzi series weapons, T.A.R-21, Desert Eagle, Merkva Main Battle Tank) wielded by the some of the best operatives (Mossad, IDF) and criticized more than any other country in the word. Not to mention that the average soldier is smart enough to invent a weapon is still in production and was used by the Secret Service--which isn't really secret, but that's beside the point.
Robber #1.- Hey! Let's rob that store! Those Guys are raking in the dough!
Robber #2.- Nah, it's owned by an Israeli.
by Person That Doesn't Suck June 17, 2010
A country who was supported in creation by the U.S.A. only because the president of the U.C. at the time (who took up office for a short time, being elected only as vice-) believed it the right thing to do. Any aid it may receive these days is either A : Legitimate for a country so deep in it it's nigh impossible to compare, or B : Payback for the years the Allies broke their backs. It is also worth noting that, of all the wars Israel has fought, it did not start a single one.
Look at a map. Tell me, how is this israeli occupation unjust?
by Dr_Zak February 27, 2007
San Francisco/Northern California term for an UZI, a fully automatic firearm which is made and invented in Israel.
"There them niggas is on tha block, go'on get tha israel"
by J.Peezy October 15, 2006
A colony of American and European Jews in Palestine that is paid for by American tax money. Israel shows her gratitude to her American benefactors by spying on them and flooding American media with Zionist propaganda. Israel enjoys the most powerful lobby in America, AIPAC. American Zionist Jews often play on the bigotries and religious sensibilities of their Christian counterparts: references to Islam and the End Times are common. Daily life in Israel consists of killing Palestinians, taking their land, and then arguing they are technically not human in the complete sense of the word. When not murdering Arabs, Israelis can be found trolling the internet bragging about how many people they have killed and how effective they are at it. When not killing Palestinians or trolling the internet, Israelis can be found at the American tax coffers greedily begging for money usually using some logical fallacy involving the Holocaust.
America's pathological and absurd support of Israel is the real reason that 9-11 happened.
by originalNZAoperator March 27, 2011
The #1 country on this earth.
I'm making aliyah to Israel next year!
by Semite October 16, 2005
the best friend someone could have , he is smart, funny, an it's a very good listener to your problems
Girl:i need help i feel sad

friend: go talk with israel he will help you
by eaactaz April 28, 2011

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