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Literally God’s country. A tiny Southwest Asian country along the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. The capital is Jerusalem and the largest city is Tel Aviv. 87% of its population is Jewish. Israel was recognized by the U.N. on May 15th, 1948 as a safe haven for Jews. The state of Israel has been attacked numerous times by Palestinean sympathizers including all of its neighbors and terrorists, but emerges victorious every time. One of its earliest was the 6-day War that Israel won hands down. The Middle East is almost unanimously united against the Israelis and has failed in its decades- long conquest of destroying Israel. The Bible teaches that Israel literally belongs to God and will NEVER be destroyed, due to his covenant with Abraham and the Jews. Jerusalem will be the focal point of the "last days" described in the Bible in the Books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation. Here’s the facts….Israel has legitimacy and a legal right to exist while Palestine does not. Palestine has NEVER existed nor had its own currency or language. The name “Palestine” was only given by the Roman Empire to identify the area that Israel now stands. Period. If anything, the land of Palestine actually belongs to Israel.

Israel may be a tiny country, but it is considered to be the most powerful in the Middle East—even stronger than Iran. The only friend(s) Israel has is God Almighty and the good ‘ole U.S.A, fortunately. Israel will NEVER be destroyed and its enemies are wasting their time. Israelis and the Jews need not fear for the future. The Bible teaches they will always be safe and that God WILL defend it in the last days. It will be where Christ establishes his everlasting Kingdom and throne when he returns for the 2nd coming. There is no doubt that Jews and Israel is “God’s chosen people.”
As a Christian, I strongly support the nation of Israel. The Bible teaches it belongs to God (by his covenant with Abraham and the Jews) and always will.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007
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Israel is a state on the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean. It is smaller in size than New Jersey. Israel was created by the Zionist movement who came from Western Europe in the first half of the 20th century, in 1948. Prior to 1948 the same land was called Palestine.

Today's Israel is made up of a Jewish majority and an Arab minority. The Arab minority is made up of Palestinians who stayed in their towns and cities after 1948, despite numerous massacres and systematic attacks aimed at killing them or forcing them to flee. Despite being made up of 20% Arabs (Both Christian and Muslim), Israel defines itself as a Jewish state.

Along the years the state of Israel along with its educational and governmental institutions have put in place a system of discriminatory, racist, and hateful tactics aimed at breaking down the Arabs who stayed behind, in hopes that one day Israel will be made up of 100% Jewish blood.

Israel gets most of its financial and military support from the United States. It has succeeded in keeping this ally at bay by employing a well oiled PR machine. In a nutshell Israel has complete control over what the American citizen watches on TV and in various other electronic media outlets. By carefully manipulating viewers, Israel can guarantee that the American public will continue to support its own government's aid and support to Israel. Networks who work hand in hand with the Israeli government and the Israeli lobby include, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news, CBS, ABC and NBC. Another tactic often used by the pro-Israel lobby is discrediting anyone who speaks unfavorably (or the truth) about Israel by labeling him/her an Anti-Semite, also known as “the Anti-Semite card”.

Israel will eventually lead to the destruction of the United States and the erosion of its economy. This partnership will one day cost us more than a mere $6 billion a year. Just like being a friend with someone whose reputation and actions can destroy one's life, so can this relationship of dominance Israel has had over the U.S. for the last few decades.

Despite all this, however, Israel has managed to inadvertently create a prison for itself. The people of Israel now live in a prison of their own creation, surrounded by a 24ft wall (that is supposed to protect Israelis from suicide bombings by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories) to the east, the sea to the west, a desert to the south. Israel has failed at making friends and has succeeded in creating enemies. Violence begets violence and suffering begets suffering. Israelis walk their own streets in fear. “Suspicious Packages” are a daily occurrence where people’s daily life is disrupted by the fear that someone has planted a bomb in a shopping mall, a bank, a restaurant, on the train or on the bus. The Israeli economy isn’t something to be proud of as most of it is sustained by the occasional financial boost from the US. Israelis live in fear and paranoia 24/7 in a large scale self made prison that is about 200 miles long and about 30 miles across.

Hey Israel, enjoy your self made prison. You earned it.
by Anderson Cooper & Friends August 10, 2006
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The country getting the greatest amount of American tax dollars
Israel receives $400 million in economic aid and $2.775 billion in military aid while Egypt receives $250 million in economic aid and $1.3 billion in foreign aid. Their total aid package ($3.175 billion to Israel and $1.55 billion to Egypt) account for a third of all US foreign aid and yet neither one of the countries are developing countries.
by Mr Atoz May 15, 2011
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A "vacation" spot for Arab rockets.

arabs israel terrorrist bombs missiles vacation arab jews
Jim: Did you see that group of Arab tourists in Israel?

Tom: Why yes, I did! They were headed towards that synagogue! Their turbans were so pointy and red!
by khklhklhklhklhklh May 09, 2011
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An awsome country with the best weapons in the world (Uzi series weapons, T.A.R-21, Desert Eagle, Merkva Main Battle Tank) wielded by the some of the best operatives (Mossad, IDF) and criticized more than any other country in the word. Not to mention that the average soldier is smart enough to invent a weapon is still in production and was used by the Secret Service--which isn't really secret, but that's beside the point.
Robber #1.- Hey! Let's rob that store! Those Guys are raking in the dough!
Robber #2.- Nah, it's owned by an Israeli.
by Person That Doesn't Suck June 17, 2010
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An illegal state that the rest of the world tries to ignore. But due to the influx of jews into the USA who became powerful, the subsequent pity by common Americans for the holocaust, and the wacky of ideas Zionists: this state receives much US fiscal and military support (since they have us by the balls) against the Arab states who wish to recapture their stolen land.

The #1 reason why the USA has problems with Arab countries. Prior to the creation of Israel, the United States had excellent relations with the arab world.

Responsible for atrocities in Lebanon and Palestinian refuge camps.

Indirectly or directly responsible for many American deaths (e.g. Sept 11, USS Liberty).
Osama Bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein gained support by their opposition to the state of Israel.
by ignoramus April 01, 2006
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A small occupied territory basically given to the Jews by Britain in 1948 because of the Zionist Movement. Today Israel basically feeds off the major powers in the world like America and sucks up to them whenever theyre in trouble. This is the only reason that the Arabs weren't able to take over Jerusalem back and the rest of Israel even though its their land and they fought 7 damn Crusades over it. Israel is always under conflict with the Palestinians who are facing extreme poverty and racism in cities like Jerusalem that used to be theirs. This has resulted in the Palestinians unleashing attacks of terrorism against the Israelis.
"Hey whats that dinky country over there?"
" thats Israel"
by Ledzeppelinfan January 02, 2008
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