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Israel is located on the Meditteranean Sea. It is often in the Newspapers because of the controversy surrounding it. Here are the facts

* The modern zionist movement began with Herzl in the 1890s.
* Jews moved to Israel and bought crappy crappy swampland from Arabs, which they then irrigated and made nice
*In 1948, Israel declared independance. 5 Arab Armies attacked, vowing to push Israel into the sea. They failed, miserably.
*1956, See 1948 entry
*1967 War, aka 6 day War. Israel kicked some more ass, and succeeded in conquering the West Bank and the Golan Heights.
*1973 Egypt and Jordan attacked Israel on YOm Kippur the holiest of Jewish holidays, proving that they can't win a fair fight with Israel. They lost...again
*1982. Israel makes peace with Egypt, giving back the Sinai Peninsula.

Israel continues to have problems because Israeli Jews are blamed for evicting Arabs in 1948, when in faact the arabs left willingly because they were lief to by their leaders, who said "when we win, come back."
Also, Israeli Zionists bought the crappy crappy swampland from Arabs, they did not steal it.
Arab terrorists attack israeli civilians because they are weak and too afraid to take ont he IDF and the Mossad.
Israel has one of the most advanced armies in the world, and the Mossad could kick the CIA's ass anyday.
Lastly, Israeli citizens are largely responsible for most technologies, including cell phones, computer chips, and other wonderful wonderful things
I support Israel. It is a good country
All the terrorists suck. Israel could take them in a fair fight anyday.

I think i might make aliyah to Israel, a legitimate country, much like the US
by Urban Dictionary October 22, 2006
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1. The place to go if you want incredible falafel or shwarma, gorgeous wrap-around skirts, an abundance of kosher restaurants, camels and stray cats at every turn, and the most wonderful, breathtaking hikes you could possibly imagine.

2. Kind of like Teaneck, only less expensive.
Yeshiva Girl 1: Nice skirt! Where did you get it?
Yeshiva Girl 2: Why, Israel, of course!
by susievader April 19, 2007
2289 1948
A colony of American and European Jews in Palestine that is paid for by American tax money. Israel shows her gratitude to her American benefactors by spying on them and flooding American media with Zionist propaganda. Israel enjoys the most powerful lobby in America, AIPAC. American Zionist Jews often play on the bigotries and religious sensibilities of their Christian counterparts: references to Islam and the End Times are common. Daily life in Israel consists of killing Palestinians, taking their land, and then arguing they are technically not human in the complete sense of the word. When not murdering Arabs, Israelis can be found trolling the internet bragging about how many people they have killed and how effective they are at it. When not killing Palestinians or trolling the internet, Israelis can be found at the American tax coffers greedily begging for money usually using some logical fallacy involving the Holocaust.
America's pathological and absurd support of Israel is the real reason that 9-11 happened.
by originalNZAoperator March 27, 2011
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The Jewish homeland. The coolest, most amazing country around.
Lets go to Israel, it's awesome there.
by rarwerwe June 02, 2005
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The historical Jewish homeland and the only Jewish sanctuary. About the size of a pencil and the age of your folks (founded in 1948) but somehow among the world's greatest powers despite jaw-dropping odds. The Israeli population has the highest number of PhDs and produces the greatest number of technological inventions per capita in the world (e.g. the cellphone). The GDP and living standards in Israel are about as high as England's. Despite its great military capabilities, it is the victim of Arab terrorism and is kept from kicking Arab ass by the anti-Semitic UN and the European Union who wish to see it annihiliated. Israel's only known friend in the world is the United States (God bless her). Israel will be a superpower and every Jew will one day live there.
"If America doesn't bomb Iran to kingdom come before they get nukes, Israel should and will like it did to Saddam in 1981."

"Palestine? you mean that fake name the Romans gave to Israel in 70 AD?"

"Palestinians? you mean those people who only moved to Israel from neighboring Arab lands in the late 19th century after the Jewish pioneers came, made the deserts bloom, built cities, and offered those Arabs jobs?"

"Yasser Arafat? you mean that Egyptian who moved to Israel in the 1970's and became the leader of the "Palestinian people" half of whom are Egyptians too?"

"The people of Israel are the chosen people."
by Blue_Blooded June 24, 2006
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A country known to have many religious establishments and landmarks. Everyone fights over the country because everyone wants its land. Jews aren't the only people who inhabit Israel, alot of christians, muslims and other people live in Israel.
I'm afraid to goto Israel, it looks scary because of the bombings.
by Oz May 25, 2005
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israel is the best country baby
by thomas michael June 13, 2009
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