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Isobella is a loving, caring person. she is arty and has a go at anything. she loves sport and will never give up. she will finish something she starts and knows who her true friends are. she is happy to help others in need and likes to know all the gossip. but she will NOT spread rumours and will look after anyone in need of a bit of TLC.

she speaks her mind but does it in a way as not to offend anyone! she doesn't lie but likes to keep secrets and bends the truth every-now and again. she hates changes.

She is beautiful in every way possible and is just the right size for a caring boy to look after her. She has beautiful long legs and hates compliments. she doesn't care what people think- and can control herself in horrible situations.
Gee isn't Isobella a babe?
i wish i could be more like Isobella.
Isobella is so caring!
Isobella is such a beautiful name.
by lilly-anne August 20, 2011
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Isobella is a young girl and a lovely name

She is surfy and shreds everyone when it comes to that

She is a great person with a great personality she is perfect and has long legs that go brown in summer
Isobella is amazing.
by Chicken is nice June 14, 2014
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