Initials for "Incredibly Sexy Male".
"Oh my gawd, did you see that ISM over there? I just got a woman boner."
by Cappy Ryder July 22, 2009
ISM - Abbreviation for I Stand Mistaken
"London is this way"
"The map says that way"
"Oh, ISM"
by Gareth Gavan February 17, 2008
a serious problem
Shit, you got an ism.
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
a synonym for shit
Beware of those religious fanatics; they're into some crazy ism.
by zeb zism March 23, 2004
another name for an ugly female orangutan; often used as slang to describe a certain kid named ryan who 1. looks like an orangutan, and 2. has about as much intelligence as one.
Is that an ism, or an orangutan?
by dontworryaboutitsonnyboy December 21, 2005
The "isms" are like that certain something that gets the guys (or girls), it's the pimp essence. Sort of the way you carry yourself, sheer confidence.
sarah "damn how'd u get his number?"
me "i got the isms."
by Denise September 26, 2004
Underground band from New Zealand, formerly known as Fuckunt
man have you heard ism? what the fuck is an ism?
by spud_nuts April 21, 2004
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