I.S.M. is short for Italian Supermodel. It often refers to a gay guy that is very photogenic and dresses really nice.
"Dude, did you just see that I.S.M.? He was wearing a fucking scarf!"

"I swear, I.S.M. is being such a camera whore!"
#ism #i.s.m #italian #supermodel #super #model #i.s.m.
by Tight-ass January 01, 2009
Top Definition
Chronic marijuana.
"I jus' gunna get sun 'mad ism' and lounge for a week."
by Diego August 30, 2003
In a fraternity or sorority of the ethnic persuasion, an ism is defined as an individual that has the same position in line.
I love my ism! We're both rep that deuce deuce!
#fraternity #sorority #line number #greek life #greek organizations
by greeky January 02, 2008
1. one's unique mannerisms
Don't make fun of my isms.
#mannerism #way #unique #original #individual
by The Real AJ June 06, 2007
Someone who does a distinctive specified thing so much, that they are now notorious for it. They are generally referred as a "their name"-ism.
President Bush mispronounces so many of his words that they are now referred to as Bush-ism's...
#-ism #name-ism #bush-ism #notorious #their name
by Derb Derb September 11, 2009
its pronounced ::IS-UMM:: A word used as slang for marijuana. Made popular by the famous and under rated rapper Redmad. He uses the word in many of his songs when referring to the controlled substance........see also weed, herb, or tical
"so wuts good wit all the ism..........blaze it"
-which means-
"my good man where is all the marijuana......light that stuff up"

"Spread the ism around until the ism reaches each end// take your fingers and your thumb from tip to tip// roll it in a motion then the top piece you lick" - lyrics from the redman song, how to roll a blunt off of the how high
#weed #smoke #herb #greens #issem
by Yuck_fou_ALL April 28, 2006
suffix meaning something the root said. only used with names of people or groups of people.
Bushism and
Lenoism and
Bostonianism and
by annon. February 08, 2004
in greek societys, someone with the same line number are considered isms.
You can also be in the same class as well as ism and therefore be called "class ism". Or additionally also be syands and be "class ism syands".
Magma and Sizzlin' Bacon are #32 Epsilons, making them the hottest class-isms ever.
#ism #line number #class #greek #fraternity #sorority
by sizzlin' bacon February 07, 2007
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