Islip, a town in Northamptonshire, well know for it's public toilets, and acts of cottaging that go with them. Made famous by the town Vicar.

Islip is not to be confused with Holbeach in Lincolnshire, which is well documented for it's cottaging acts with an ex choirmaster and teacher
Want to go do an Islip.

(Want to go do an act of cottaging in the public bogs.)
by ollie k August 11, 2004
Top Definition
Islip is a cute, small south shore town in suffolk county LI. It is by far the best of all the Islips, and according to it is the safest town in the country.
This town is hated by most of the kids who live there..but once they leave most realize how much they actually love their home town. Even though it is surrounded by the ghetto (CI) and the snotty rich kids from EI it is full of down to earth people-where almost everyone knows eachother-and is a great place to live!

Islip is steps away from the water, and we have main may be small but it has everything you could possibly need-except for good ol' Movies On Main Street (RIP M.O.M.S.) Main Street attracts kids from surrounding towns..who are clearly jealous they don't live in plain Islip. We may insist that we hate it but who wouldn't want to go to a High School where security rides around on golf carts? no matter who your friends are everyone agrees that their favorite day is 4-20,we love our football team even tho it sux, most people wear flip flops year round, you can easily cut school to go to the beach, there are more geese than students and Sitting in class in the H.S. you can hear the peacocks nextdoor or see the dogs chasing the geese away.

So those of you who don't live here be jealous that you don't live in this awesome little beach town. And those of you who do live here- whether you went to Sherwood or Commack, if you're rich or not so rich be happy because you live in Islip-theres not many places like it out there!

screw school...lets go to taco bell and islip beach

those islip girls are hot
by beachbum3652 May 25, 2007
A small, boring, dull town on Long Island where everyone thinks they're black and/or criticizes you based on whether you play a specific sport or not. If you don't play sports then you are going to get made fun of by pretty much every other person. Full of countless fake people. The only thing to do for "fun" is to go on "Main Street," and if you say you do something but others have never seen you do it on "Main Street," you are automatically labeled as a poser. Everyone talks behind everyone's back, Islip is a town where you can trust no one. Only a few people will have the guts to go up to you and say something to your face, on a rare occasion, because most arguments can be found on FB from kids in this town who are illiterate fucks who can't simply tell the difference between "your" and "you're."
I don't like Islip.
by heykidsitsronaldmcdonald January 15, 2013
The accidentally-on-purpose dropping,breaking or drowning your iPhone just before, or upon release of, the newer version to help overshadow throwing away a perfectly good phone.
"Gawddammit, the dog just jumped on me when my phone rang and islipped and dropped it. Now the face is busted into a million pieces." "Dude, great timing, the new iPhone comes out this week!"
by Trigger11 October 10, 2011
Islip is a town on Long Island New York. Mostely of the rich, pot heads, and middle class. Where the only thing to do to be cool is hangout on "Main Street".
Bob - HEY guys what do u wanna do in ISLIP!?
Tim - Nothing.
by steve123123 December 29, 2005
Islip is a town in Suffolk county where the kids here are either acting gangsta(wanting to be like kids from Central Islip) or the act rich( like them kids from East Islip) Islip is the Dirtbag part of the islips its full of a bunch of wannabies and faggy kids and whimps....Out of East Islip, West Isip, Central Islip, and Islip, ISLIP is the worst at all sports in the Varsity level
this town islip is full of kids that are puss
by poonspoon November 13, 2006
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