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a strategy for picking up women, named after the Allies' strategy used in World War II. It consists of using an uglier girl to get closer to her hotter friends, and then in turn using that girl to get closer to her hotter friends, jumping from girl to girl until you've reached your desired goal.
Have you heard of "island hopping"?
Yeah, of course I have!
Yeah, I started dating Agnus two years ago but I island hopped my way to Jessica
by Rad Warhawk June 27, 2011
island hop
when a guy dates a girl, breaks up with her. then goes out with a friend of hers. in the end to come back with the original girl
Dude, I'm gonna be with Chelsea then go with her friend to get her more interested in me. So I can come back when me and her friend are done. You gonna island hop? Yeah. Island Hopping works bro
by Machuski February 22, 2015

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