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the most life changing novel ever written. go check it out
dude i read ishmael and now i think of life totally differently
by sdafsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf August 23, 2009
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By dictionary: means a person who is rejected (from society or home)

(a) (Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac; considered the forebear of 12 Arabian tribes
(b) A really philosophical book by Daniel Quinn that everyone should read.
"See that hobo over there? Walking around by himself, dying? Yeah, well he's an ishmael."
by Jay Michael January 04, 2006
Ishmail is an outcast to society but he is the baws. when you are working a job just rememeber he's the baws. He will shit on deborahs desk LIKE A FUCKING BAWS. Ishmael is not hot to modern day society but in the 80s he would of been FIYA. AN ishmael Tells very good advice but people do not to take it. Has a great understanding troubles surrounding and has a very strong mental state. He is also very good at science and also isn't liked by many teachers. This kid is now history on the internet and hopefully he will be noticed. This is the finishing tale of the Ishmael.
Who dat who dat
Ishmael that the sirs name
*The kids eye balls blow out of their ear just cos he can*
by Al_Capwn May 31, 2015
Ishmael is the totally pimped out way to say ASS!
Oh! You sexy son of a bitch you just fucked me up the ishmael!
by Brantley Warren June 07, 2004

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