another word for shit in nigger talk
I got ish to do...Means...I got shit to do
by Boobs March 19, 2005
originally created by a fed up teenager Randi, the new breed of kids that refuse to fall under a label, or simply cannot be labeled.
emo? fuck that shit im an ISH
by randi vengeance July 24, 2006
Addishedish to the vocabularish of certainish peoplish. Verish contagiousish.
"Heyish I justish installedish a webserverish."

by Kally July 22, 2004
a suffix that can be added to any noun, verb or adjective . It is also a less formal version of the ending -esq. It means alike or similar.

Noun: "That fox-ish looking creature is weird"
Verb: "Her behavior was so jump-ish"
Adjective: "The color was kind of pink-ish, not brown-ish"
by Bea February 16, 2005
something seriously cool
omg look at him drink out of that can thats so ish
by machin1ma June 10, 2008
short for "issue", as used in comic series.
After my terrifying trip to the South Pole in our last anxiety-inducing ish, I felt a vacation to a warmer climate was just what the doctor ordered!
by Jane Doe July 25, 2016
synonym for "kind of"
Was that party fun?

by Spbatt June 11, 2016
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