Addishedish to the vocabularish of certainish peoplish. Verish contagiousish.
"Heyish I justish installedish a webserverish."

by Kally July 22, 2004
a suffix that can be added to any noun, verb or adjective . It is also a less formal version of the ending -esq. It means alike or similar.

Noun: "That fox-ish looking creature is weird"
Verb: "Her behavior was so jump-ish"
Adjective: "The color was kind of pink-ish, not brown-ish"
by Bea February 16, 2005
something seriously cool
omg look at him drink out of that can thats so ish
by machin1ma June 10, 2008
A shortened form of "Bish" which is a form of "Bitch". Can be used as an even more trap dictation of the word bitch.
Yo JaQuiele! Bae w we finna trap tonight?
Nah ish. I still fuckedt up from last night.
by Truffle1butter May 26, 2015
Used as a suffix and placed at the end to mean not fully
He was coolish
by Trendrekt March 08, 2015
Let me get that "ish"
by Dopestofheights January 18, 2015

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