used instead of the word shit
i have so much ish to do today
by tiffonya June 20, 2005
When you have feelings for two opposing answers.
Friend: Do you like my t-shirt?
You: Ish. It doesn't really look good on you.
by desi_ray May 31, 2005
when something is reallly nasty
"the dinner was ISH!"
by Harry Potter March 04, 2005
To be similar to something, not quite an exact explanation of something.
"Are they dead?" "Deadish"
by CoffeeZombie February 16, 2005
it takes whatever amount or area it succedes and narrows it down to exactly what you are thinking, but are otherwise incapable. *


used to round in funny ways.

*note, it only is really usable around friends or people who understand what you mean by it.
in the Cary ish area.

9 o'clock ish... (when its like 9:02)

Not really... ish.
by Corey September 09, 2004
The shit, the best, the hottest
Candy Godoy is the ish
by Daniele Melia February 07, 2004
a substitute word for any noun, adjective, or verb needing replacement ina drug deal.
I got the ish from ish but it's all ished up.
by Smokey Jou Magruder December 31, 2002

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