another adjective for crap. a good substitute for bad.
yo that biatch is ish
by looks August 04, 2003
Ish can be the substitute word for anything and everything. Ish can also mean approximately, kinda, sorta etc., when used as a suffix.
Ex. 1 "Remember that time we totally ditched that ish out of your truck."

Ex. 2 "Bro get that ish off my ish."

Ex. 3 "Hey I'll be there like 2:30-ish"
by The Bros October 17, 2004
basically meaning 'stuff'
'yeah i threw away all my ex boyfriends ish, what a bitch.'
by GiGi July 20, 2004
good,nice looking, tasty
originates from 'Ish delish'
Certain burger vans in the south east of the UK are reffered to as 'Ish'.
"Those hi-tecs are ish!"
"Gail is looking ish today"
"omar where did i put that ish slice of pizza?"
by AC. Slater January 26, 2004
Abbreviation for issues.
Man, I don't wanna hear about Art's ish all the time, I got problems of my own.
by Scamp May 26, 2003
used to annoy someone after you say something to them and they say What?? useually said right as they finish what and is said fast
Me:go get your car
me(as she finishes):ish?
by John lobash December 07, 2005
it takes whatever amount or area it succedes and narrows it down to exactly what you are thinking, but are otherwise incapable. *


used to round in funny ways.

*note, it only is really usable around friends or people who understand what you mean by it.
in the Cary ish area.

9 o'clock ish... (when its like 9:02)

Not really... ish.
by Corey September 09, 2004

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