Shiznit/Shit derived from the comic Mutts and pig latin.
"That was some some bad ish"
"Dude, are you talkin' ish?"
"I heard some ish went down last night."
by Sam Wright April 28, 2004
A)a suffix used to give an approximation of time or B)to say that something is close to being something else
A) He ate my cat at around 5-ish

B) The pen that he stabbed me with was kind of biggish

NOTE: I do not condone the eating of cats or the stabbing of folk with pens (unless they really deserve it)
by D-Bomb January 06, 2004
A descriptor that may be used in place of the phrase "So-so", "Sort of", or a hand-tilting gesture, indicating the mere adequacy of the thing or event in question. Replaces the use of an actual adjective modified by the suffix "-ish", e.g. "funish" or "yellowish".
"So, did you enjoy the game?" "Ish."

"How did you do on the exam?" "Ish."
by Guinevere January 04, 2004
(adj.) 1. An estimation of time.
2. A way to describe a concept but not to its full potential.
1. I will get to your house at 9ish.
2. It is hottish (meaning it isnt quite hot but its more than warm).
by Katie July 29, 2003
ish for the top NBA basketball site, /
did you visit ish today?
by Mo Money March 08, 2003
Slang term for methamphetamine; dirived from another slang word for it shit. Used primarily in Southern California.
Does anybody have any ish to smoke or sell.
by metro-la June 22, 2005
another adjective for crap. a good substitute for bad.
yo that biatch is ish
by looks August 04, 2003

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