A term for mariujana, a good kind of bud
"wanna get some ish"
by stephanie18 November 10, 2007
Can replace "its", "it's", "is", and "are"
Ish broken.

Ish no problem

Ish that your drink?

How ish you feeling?
by Fayla October 16, 2007
-----------short for issue----------
Honey we're having this big ish at work, I'm gonna have to work all weekend.
by RV Big Papi June 22, 2007
Another way of saying "is".
I ish so cool!

I ish da best at rp!
by Kikyo-chan March 13, 2008
An in between or Soon to be boy/girlfriend
Gurl 1: who is that guy jennys with, boyfriend?

Girl 2: no, it's Jenny's new ish
by ladyk247 August 27, 2007
usually a term to replace the word stuff.
my ish is missing, have you seen it?
by Alijandra August 21, 2007
simply it is a slang word for speed,meth!
hey lets get a danISH
by reverend jollybob June 06, 2007

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