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adj;1. a word used in the place of an adjective when you can't find the correct adjective to fit somethings description. 2. An adjective used when the proper adjective is way too obvious. (usually not used in writing but used in dialogue)

v;1. a word used in the place of a verb when you can't find the correct verb to fit in the sentence. 2. a verb used when the action is way too obvious (usually not used in writing but in dialogue)
adj; 1. " That guy is so... ish." 2. "That guys really ish."

v; 1. "Lets not...ish anymore" 2. "He just ished her!"
by T Wake January 09, 2008
Slang Name for "METH" or "SPEED"
Where's It At?!! I Asked How Much "ISH" She Had To Smoke..
by CURTASTROPHE August 23, 2007
n. Shit; a parent-approved version of the aforementioned cus word.
"What are you doing this weekend?"
"Studying and ish."
by The Grammar Nazi June 09, 2001
word used to replace it/its
hey chyka, ish time to go, we guna be late!!
by Gem November 07, 2004
To be wrong or ct a certain way.
Saying the moon is pink is ish.
a guy wearing a skirt and pantyhose on live telivison is ish.
by night crawler March 10, 2008
When one is very very high on marijuana, they can express themselves by stating three letters...ISH...(as in englISH)This meaning Im So High.
Bobby: yo guy how you doin?

Billy: yoooooo ish mannnnn, isshhhh!
by Nate Rhippen Bawngs February 26, 2008
abbreviated form of issue.
person 1 "how is your boyf?"
person 2 "oh, we're having some ish at the momes"
by aariny January 21, 2008