"Ish" is used as a stand-in for "sort of" and "kind of," often tacked on to the end of a statement.
How was the opera?

It was good. Ish.

Did you like the sweater your Aunt Marcy knitted for you?

Eh..... ish.
by Sylvia J. Wei December 26, 2004
used after any word to feel smart.
It is old...er...ish.
by Daniel P. February 14, 2004
Used to refer to methamphetamine.
Can you call your drug dealer and get some ish?
by KrayzieK January 14, 2014
1) Tripping the fuck out
2) A little bit of everything
3) A word that can basically replace any word
1) Hey Emma! Let's go ishing after drinking 6 cans of Monster
2) Happiness is ish
3) Screw you! Dont be ishing or bitching about this shit
by BlackPanda August 18, 2012
An expression used in the place of "fuck", "shit", "damn", or "that sucks". In spanish, a similar word would be "conyo" although conyo is more derogatory.
Bob: "Yo Bill, are we still on for tonight?"

Bill: "Uhh, sorry dude, I'm with the girlfriend..."

Bob: "ish"
by theshrewdwizard January 16, 2011
when someone is arrogant, self-centered and the center of the their universe.
You're so ish and full of yourself.
by jerryish October 20, 2010
A slang word for "is" used by Scene posers.
I ish sho scene i lyk3 cuppehcakesh i ish sho hardcor3!
by Xninnwndrld June 07, 2010
1: adj. a word meaning in between good and bad.
2: suf. an ending of a word meaning kind of or sort of
1: I had an ish day.
2:My room is clean-ish.
by Redneck-Jesus-ish October 27, 2009

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