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adjective. The mysterious color of car interior, it’s greenish, grayish, brownish, sorta tanish… What is it!?
That new hair dye of Mindy's turned out more ish than blonde. When she steps into the van her head disappears!
by MerryUmWEBster May 26, 2013
A suffix of the most awesome proportions. Can be be added to any word in the english language to describe having qualities of, but not quite actually being the actual word used.
gayish- a hetero who acts quite gay, but would never sleep with someone of the same gender.

pornish- hot and heavy, very erotic, but not actualy getting undressed or performing the act of sex. aka, heavy petting.

hottish- almost sexy, but still not attractive enough to go for.
by tiggerus December 13, 2009
slang for mid-grade weed
your friend: "Yo dude wanna smoke some ish?"
you: "Snoogans!"
by Antwan1500 September 10, 2009
1. a explanation for an event, etc. that describes it as going "okay," or "so-so."

2. slang used in place of the word "shit."

3. describing if a person is average looking

4. a suffix added on to other words to show that they are "kind of" or "sort of" alike in some way.
1. A: "So how was the party?" W: "Eh.... It was ish."

2. D: "Awww Ish!" K: "Hahaha way to watch the language around your lady-friend."

3. C: "Okay would you go out with her?" P: "Naw. She's too Ish"

4. G: "Ugh this song is too rap-ish fot my tastes..."
by ChelseaDagger August 30, 2009
Code word for "I'm so horny!"
On American Idol Season 7, Danny Noriega said ISH to everything Simon said because he wanted him.
by DannyBunny March 07, 2008
another word for shit or bullshit.
That was some ish man, how they didn't let us get into the girls locker room.
by Frank Blak March 06, 2007
a word used to decribe an imaginary object on some one
darling youve got ish on your lip
right on your lip
sends them on para and makes them keep rubbing make sure a few people laff and point aswell
by lee_willett05 December 03, 2005
something that takes your fancy - the more you fancy it the more i's are added to the beginning of the word
that person is iiiiish
by Winny June 02, 2005