adjective. The mysterious color of car interior, it’s greenish, grayish, brownish, sorta tanish… What is it!?
That new hair dye of Mindy's turned out more ish than blonde. When she steps into the van her head disappears!
by MerryUmWEBster May 26, 2013
adj. used to describe women who don't neatly fall in to the category of hot or not.
Man, all the chicks at this bar are pretty ish.
by snoman October 14, 2004
when u get rejected
when sum1n try 2 get served but dey cant dey wuld sey i got ish
by me January 23, 2004
best tfc player
by ish October 08, 2003
that sucks ish, yo.
by josh March 17, 2003
A slang word that has the same meaning as "dope"
yo nigga i just got back from the trap... i was slangin that ish all day
by ill nigga November 23, 2006
Origin: OU

Creator: The same person who dubbed "Al-Katie?"

Meaning: dude. ish.
Used in a sentance: "Ish."
by Alanna March 31, 2005
Slang for situation. Derived from local dialects ("sishuashun") and other abbreviations for situation (e.g., "ituation" and "'tion").
Me: What's the ish?
You: The wife told me to pick up milk. Wanna come along?
Me: Hell, no!
by j450n December 30, 2005

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