adjective. The mysterious color of car interior, it’s greenish, grayish, brownish, sorta tanish… What is it!?
That new hair dye of Mindy's turned out more ish than blonde. When she steps into the van her head disappears!
by MerryUmWEBster May 26, 2013
The man or woman who you do not date but have sex with on a regular basis.
"Man, I'm so pissed, i didn't get fucked by my ish last night"
by Becca Fay April 20, 2008
a word made by kyler meaning....well, everything.
i'm getting all of my ish together over this weekened! studio ish, then dancing ish. WOOOOOOT
by um... jesus March 27, 2010
Short for "issue". Usually used in a heated debate.
1: What's the ish?

2: The ish is that you are being such a jerk!
by GavinKT February 08, 2008
Stuff, or things. Also used as an edited version of "shit"
Ahh man I just dropped all my ish.
by D3r3k May 17, 2005
n. Shit; a parent-approved version of the aforementioned cus word.
"What are you doing this weekend?"
"Studying and ish."
by The Grammar Nazi June 09, 2001
place where you put your shit
person 1: Yo nigga, I really need to take a shit but theres no bathrooms anywhere round here.

person 2: no problem just go take a dump at the ISH.
by Ish Hata January 23, 2008
adj;1. a word used in the place of an adjective when you can't find the correct adjective to fit somethings description. 2. An adjective used when the proper adjective is way too obvious. (usually not used in writing but used in dialogue)

v;1. a word used in the place of a verb when you can't find the correct verb to fit in the sentence. 2. a verb used when the action is way too obvious (usually not used in writing but in dialogue)
adj; 1. " That guy is so... ish." 2. "That guys really ish."

v; 1. "Lets not...ish anymore" 2. "He just ished her!"
by T Wake January 09, 2008

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