UK Slang/ meaning 'really?' or 'is it(the situation)?!' Short utterance that can be used to acknowledge having heard the other person speak. The beauty of this phrase is that what's come before it is virtually irrelevant!
Arguably most widespread in South East England.
'Oi, your mum said we could burn a spliff in the living room I swear...'

'Malcolm, I'm becoming more and more worried, I mean, she hasn't come home for five days now and there's posters all round Harrow with her face on...'
by Rob Richardson December 13, 2005
A term used to question a statement.

Can be used in return to a stupid, unnecessary comment, to irritate others, or simply to question something that has been said.
"get your books out and write algebra as the title"
"oh is it?"
"of course it fucking is!"
by jesus_brap November 20, 2012
It Is!
your fish is bleeding uncontrolably in isle 1 of asda in saudi arabia where ya mother got screwed 3 months prior to the incident!!!!

Is It?????
by Yickerz 09 August 11, 2009
When used as a statement (and not a question):
1. No it's not.
2. As if.
3. That's fucking bullshit.
Baz: "My penis is huge"
Jay: "Is it!"
by X-treem August 28, 2003
scottish version of innit.
innit is an abreviation of 'isnt it' and can be roughly translated to 'dont you agree?'
the scottish version of course doesnt make sense as it turns what would originally be a statement into a question.
scotland- 'its cold outside isit?'
rest of uk- 'its cold outside innit?'
(honestly it does mean the same thing!)
by englishalieninthedeen March 17, 2007

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