Something people write when someone gets owned, usually in a fail video, or in a video were someone gets fucked up. Usually the quote is followed by a Shut the fuck up.
Title : Man Jumps of 5 Story building.


1# : Is He Died?

#2: Shut the fuck up.

#3: Hahahahah
by Is He Died? July 22, 2009
Top Definition
this phrase is interpreted as "possibly the gentleman/lady/animal/inanimate object ceased to exist , causing me to ponder the continuous existence of stated noun".
Since it's inception at, this is a question most commonly used on viral video sites, (most notably NothingToxic), especially in situations where a viral video features a particularly tragic situation.
this phrase is commonly used by mentally handicapped in place of any comment of value. It also acts as a degree of validation to attention whores whos other alts never rose to fruition.
although not the original author of this sorry, grammatically incorrect disaster of a sentence, the phrase "is he died" is associated with a poster named "SBC4LIFE". The phrase has appeared on practically every video on NT forever now, with no greater success now than the first time it reared it's ugly head. The phrase is almost always followed by a genius rebuttal of "shut the fuck up", almost always penned by another loser named "spanky mcmeat" (sometimes suspected to be SBC4LIFE in drag).
although it has been deemed retarded to
a. have alts
b. have a catch phrase
c. post at NT at all;
this has not stopped other morons that cannot think of anything funny, clever, informative, or coherent from starting alts with other catch phrases. Ultimately they are also fail.

in essence, this catchphrase will never died.
EN JAYWEST - I shot Brian a message like a week ago regarding modship. He refuses to answer me for fear of another bombardment.
SBC4LIFE - is he died?
horseface1981 - ploppolppissssssssssssssss
EN JAYWEST - jesus, wtf is going on in here? how come all these comments suck?

thebobo - you think you're smart? ASSHOLES!
SPANKYMCMEAT - leave these ruffians to me.
EN JAYWEST - i need to stop posting here, but ultimately, i am just as much of an imbecile. at least the spam is gone.
ntfan - yes, i made them all died.
EN JAYWEST - *facepalms*
by enjay FTW!! March 22, 2010
A phrase you use, while looking at videos on, to ask if someone has died. It is used in the comment section under the video.
Video: man gets ran over by train

KinGkOngCock: is he died?

MycockIsbig: Yes he's died
by Jessssse A February 09, 2009
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