used by African american booty aficionados to describe the lack of discernible rump contours of most caucasian women.
"Dat white girl's ass is flatter den a' ironing board."
by Fat Hal April 26, 2005
Top Definition
an insult to a woman with no breasts
whatever u say ironing board chest!
flat as an ironing board
by devilboy December 02, 2004
When A Girls Chest Is So Flat You Can Iron On It
Me(Legend)"Shit, I've Went On Holiday Without My Ironing Board!"
Nicky Westside"Ah Thats Ok Lois Is Over There You Can Use Hers"
by KillaKydawgMasterMix December 07, 2010
a) lethal injection gurney at the death house of the local prison

b) the operating table of the O.R. of the local hospital.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, for his his crimes at the Boston Marathon of 2013, deserves to be either Mussolini-strung or to die-without his Miranda Rights being read to him- on the ironing board at Fort Leavensworth, Kansas, where they send all people in The United States who are convicted, and sentenced to death for, a capital Federal crime.
by sexydimma September 13, 2013
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