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A play on chemistry and words which can be taken as a English language proof the superiority of all people who belong to the female gender, including those that are young, old, healthy, sick, disabled, straight, bi, lesbian, and transgender; here's a hint.


If you don't get this definition you're likely just another stupid ordinary male. But besides that, if you really didn't get the joke, read the example below; it should help you get it.
Joey: Hey, Sarah, what's the chemical equation for ethanol?

Sarah: Joey, it's C2H5OH, I can't believe you didn't know that, that's the stuff that gets you drunk! You know alcohol!

Joey: Oh, well shut up you stupid female!!!

Sarah: You know there's a reason for the "Fe" before male in the title for my gender. Look, check your periodic table, element number 26...

Joey: What are you talking (Glances at table)--fuck you, that doesn't mean shit!

Sarah: I am iron-male! :P
by womenrulexD August 06, 2010
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