the clubs you use while playing golf within 200 yds. starts from a 3 iron to a 9 including a pitching wedge
"im gonna use my 3 iron and try and get it over the lake.... bitch"
by Ali G's Main man Alex January 10, 2005
Gay / homosexual
He looks like a fucking iron (quoted by Sammy from the film The Business)
by the bald one July 15, 2010
A word to describe someone who says something that is ironic and pertains to themself and doesn't realise it.
(pronounced I-Ron)

Might also be a Ginger Greek God with a missing middle finger that was cut off by his own mother..
Cole says "Look at this ginger dance"
Brady & D'art & Jamie say "Cole is such an Iron.."
by IronsMom January 17, 2011
An unattractive male with long hair, no personality and makes terrible choices with their life.
Dont pull an Iron, bruh
by tooCoolforYourshit October 22, 2010
Fair enough.

Iron = Fe = Fair enough
Bob: I just pWned a bunch of n00bs!
Fred: Iron
by zorngov August 02, 2008
"The iron was slack."
by noixz January 15, 2009
One word Pittsburgh descriptor for Iron City Beer.
Hey Jimmy, gimme a cold Iron.
by RKman May 13, 2005

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