Hey Samhain_Knight, So Ireland is the least "Anglosized," of all the Celtic Nations. Is that why your language is practically dead whereas our (more ancient celtic) language is thriving and is the only Celtic tongue to have bucked the pan celtic decline in speakers and increased in number? I love the Irish but you do like the sound of your own voices and love telling the world how fantastic you all are. zzzzzzzz. Can the Scots and Irish try to remember they are not the only peoples in these isles of Celtic ancestry.

P.S. most of the Southern Scots are descended from Germanic peoples just like the English, they used to be welsh (check out our most ancient poets who lived and wrote there.)
American person: So your Irish, like from the UK do you know the Queen?

Irish person: No it's a seperate country.


American: Celtic like Irish right.

Cymro: Rwy't i'n twp iawn. Cymru am byth!
by Owain Glyndwr September 10, 2006
In America people do not usualy refer to Irish as americans as Irish but simply Irish. I am half Irish. I do not claim that I am genetically or culturally completely Irish as I am culturally American and my mom's side is hungarian. Also, people need to realize how badly Irish were discriminated against. We were economically raped and had lives worse than the african-americans and latinos did at the time we came here. The reason people don't recognize this is because the Irish are considered white now and no one could possibly imagine that a group of white people were basicallly enslaved. If you don't believe me do some heavy reseacrh on it Being oppressed is not something to be proud of by the way. Being oppressed then digging yourself out of it when other groups of people still have not is something to be proud of. And by the way irish men, and unfortunately women are beasts, usually.
I live in America and am half Irish in background. I am aware the Irish were oppressed and am proud we conquered the oppression.
by CayugaFootballMLBacker March 07, 2009
Miserable, complaining people. Thet hate everyone and love themselves.
Bloody irish, they're always complaining.
by Aussie Princess March 17, 2008
Policy or an action that is silly.
"That's so fucking irish" mainly used by scots or english who are a bit racist.
In the same league as my mum giving my brother the nickname "O'Reily" because he's a bit thick. Coming from the traditional joke format, "An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman..." where the irishman is the butt of the joke.
"We're building a bridge, but we don't have any river to build it over, so its been cancelled and we're not going into work any more." Dylan Moran giving an example of irish news.
by lady comic January 21, 2007
People from Ireland... Yes they are hot now and they can drink... but watch 20 laters from now they will all get fat and have protruding beer bellies.. i am irish and almost all of the older irish people i know turn out to be fat and ugly when they get older... catch em when they are young and dump their proud asses to the street. :D
i went out with a hot irish girl last night for a one night stand and she paid for all my drinks !
by palluzi09 August 07, 2005
The slang word for finding a girl who has been given, often times strategically, the date rape drug, taking her home, and proceeding to rape her or try to, while the guy has full knowledge she is drugged up.

The men who do this are often times from Lewistown, MT
Dude, you can't Irish her, her moms here
by cheandy November 16, 2010
Irish - A group of people from the island of Ireland, that are owned by the British, want to be Italians but arent even as good as the Scottish, also these people are permadrunks that love to fight.
also have never controlled a large Empire, like the British, Romans, Mongolians
Germans or any one else... hell even the French have contributed more to the world
Those damn Irish always fighting in the bars, and arguing about soccer
by Psuedolph the red nosed pengui April 06, 2009
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