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when recieving a blowjob, right as one is about to ejaculate they pull ouf of the mouth and place their cock right on their partners cheek and force the semen to come out slow, move your cock until you have formed a little shamrock (three leaf clover) on their face. this is an irish creamer.
Todd: dude, I gave that hot redhead at the bar last night an Irish Creamer and she told me it reminded her of home
by Elpeters February 21, 2007
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While brewing some coffee in the kitchen, you procure some anal from your partner. Just as you are about to ejaculate, you pull out, poor the hot coffee in the gaping anal cavity, and ejaculate into the coffee.
Michael gave April an Irish Creamer last night. She got third degree burns in her ass, but he wasn't really sure why it was called an Irish Creamer.
by notCanada February 14, 2010

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