Respect. Every Jamaican I know says this is what it means.
What are you doing later?
I'm takin my girl out for dinner.
Irie mon.
by Jackie January 17, 2005
(eye-ree; Adj) Used to describe the feeling of being so high that you feel completely at peace with yourself and your surroundings.
Stoner #1: What's up?
Stoner #2: Feelin' kinda irie.
Stoner #1: Cool.
by KMKzeroSRH December 05, 2004
To be high as hell
To be blazed out of your mind
Those heads got me so irie last night
by D a n n y S September 13, 2006
Being high on marijuana.
"Dude, we got so irie last night!"
by Aexl May 29, 2006
Really f*ckin' high.
She's such a stoner.. She's always irie!
by alison k November 11, 2005
The word means being incridibly intoxicated on Marijuana. It can also be used to classify someone as a stoner or if something looks really trippy. It is used commonly in Jamaica and is rarely used in the United States. It has only been known to be used in southern california by kids the age of 12-22
1. a. I'm so Irie
b. Yeah man, you smoked so much
2. a. He's such an Irie
b. He smokes like every day
3. a. Irie as fuck
b. Yeah it is trippy
by Keller Coulter January 13, 2005
High, Stoned, Fucked Up
High as a Mother Fucker
by I am Irie May 23, 2004

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