Stoned. Under the influence of marijuana.
We got irey off that bud, man!
by Modiferous September 27, 2005
Top Definition
Its spelt IRIE and its a jamaican term for feeling good, happy,cool etc
waagwaan? 'every ting is irie'. not spelt irey.
by lukeyGee April 28, 2006
Alright, on good terms (Rastafarian)
Everyting be I-rey mon...(Everything is alright)
by Maty Bublz November 22, 2006
The rastafarian meaning of cool, alright, or a saying of comfirmation
"Everything is going to be I-Rey."
by Phla September 27, 2006
adj. questionable in nature; scary or creepy; uncertain
Walking down that dark alley is sort of irey, man.
by Abatron August 08, 2004
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