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Body land mass, part of Great Britain
I love how Ireland has embraced traditional British values, seeing as its part of Great Britain and all.
by Taymundo June 08, 2006
A pathetic country of non-importance. Quite a few inbred ginger people live here. Will always live in England's shadow.
Person 1: Where you goin on holiday this year?
Person 2: Ireland
Person 1: Where the fucks Ireland? In England somewhere aint it?
by CharlieS May 15, 2006
An island of crap weather, crap accents, crap beer and especially crap roads. Home of the car bomb and many a potato based dish. And Enya! Haha! Sucks to be Irish!

Found to the west of the most influential nation in the world.
"Oim fram Ireland" - a leprechaun once said.
by Welly April 06, 2005