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The place where Lucky the Leprechaun is from. Place where Lucky grows marshmallows (hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows and me red balloons). Place of other Leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Where good luck is born and the funny accents. Where magic and rainbows and happiness is located. That island in Europe.
Ahh me Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious! Get me pot of gold out of yer ass. (Kiss me! I'm Irish!)
by BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah July 29, 2005
Ya know, the "americans are idiots" tirade is rather tiresome. Yep-lots of people don't know their geography or history very well, mud slinging doesn't help.

I could just as well call the Irish a bunch of in-bred drunkards - you HAVE lived on an island for many generations, inbreeding HAD to occur at some time.

And honestly, to us "stupid Americans" Ireland may as well be England from our perspective. Both countries are no bigger than some of our states!

Ignorant Europeans need to shut up just as much as ignorant Americans do when they talk about someplace they've never been. Most Europeans can't comprehend the scale of a SINGLE UNIFIED country the U.S. is. Where you must drive THREE THOUSAND MILES to cross the country coast-to-coast, and NEVER HAVE TO SHOW A PASSPORT. Plus the environmental variation is stunning, from the dreary, wet, but lush New England States, to the rolling plains of the midwest, the Mississippi river delta, the deserts of the SouthWest, the stunning Rocky Mountains, the dark-forested Cascades of the Northwest, and the absolutely perfect weather of Southern California, where you can water ski and snow ski in the SAME DAY.

Americans have a REASON for being ignorant of the world: For 300 years they've been physically isolated from the rest of the world by two vast oceans. The land provided all the resources they needed for the first 200 years, and the thought of risking one's life to cross an ocean to risk one's life visiting unstable countries just didn't make sense, especially since it was also quite expensive.

What excuse do Euopeans have for their ignorance? They've been physically close to all the strife of the last 200 years. What excuse do Europeans have for blaming individual Americans for the faults of the government? I can speak to this-every trip I've made to Europe I've been accosted/challenged AGGRESSIVELY about how "you Americans" screw things up. Last I checked, I had no influence on the foibles of our corrupt government, no more than Euopeans can control their corrupt, SOCIALIST governments.

But *I* don't blame the people I meet-I recognize they are everyday Joes who just want to live their lives, like the rest of us.

So get off your soapbox-us "stupid Americans" are tired of your whining. Once you can keep the bully in your own sandbox and stop having them come after us, then we'll stop messing in "your" affairs.

WW 1, WW 2, both dragged the US into it, because you smart Europeans couldn't manage to get along.

Personally I can't wait to visit Ireland and also Scotland-I'm a golfer and will love seeing it's home. I've heard it's all stunningly beautiful, but I hope the next Scot I meet is a bit more rational-the last one was an argumentative drunk. If I were to stereotype like others here- I would beleive he represented the typical Scot-a drunk arrogant bastard.

See-that's what happens when you write divisive, stereotypical things-the blade can cut both ways.
Ireland: The Irish can't stop their bloody in-fighting, preferring to blame their problems on England.

by bobbsy1234 October 02, 2006
Land full of people who for some reason or another seem to hate yanks. yet for all this hate, they seem to do nothing but talk about yanks. Hmmmm?

Also, have become rich and lethargic, overun by immigrants, and bitch about their government. hmmm, sound familiar?

Once full of intelligent people who have either 1) left and became Yanks or Aussie's, 2) died trying to create a free Ireland (and are rolling over at what a bunch of pussies it has produced) or, 3)drank themselves to death (yeah I've heard the stereotype isn't true, ha ha ha ha).

chock full of wankas

Yank: "hello, yes my father grew up in that house over there and I am here to see why he left Ireland."

Irish: "you stupid Yank, your not Irish, your a fat war mongering Yank, trying to take over the world. get outta my country."

yank: "O.K....I got my answer, my father was right to leave Ireland and come to NY, what a bunch of pricks"

Irish: "Oh, your from NY, go to (insert Pub name) and tell my brother Joe I said hi, you stupid wanka yanka."

Yank: "oh he left too, huh?"
by terrapin07 August 02, 2006
Oh. My. FUCKING GOD. Ireland is da hardest, realest, ghettoest country in Europe evuh!!!!!!! I am from FUCKING DUBLIN, and I am da shit! DUUUUUUBLIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!! YEAH BITCHES!!!!!
Seamus and I get our freak on in IRELAND! He puts his rainbow in my pot of gold and then I drop it like it's hot!
by womoma April 25, 2005
ireland is very unique yet mixed TOO MANY times with the british, mostly by americans, because europeans know americans are stupid. ireland has a beatiful languange, yes, they have their own language, its called gaylic, ireland is very green, its weather changes every five minutes, no picnics there! yes, many sheep, very beautiful, and it was probably the best part of the old united kingdom.
leppy: hi ima lepricorn!
1: no ur not u dont exsist.
by MCsoy March 31, 2005
An island in the middle of nowhere?
*nothingness*...and *more nothingness*
by CrAzYHoRsE June 19, 2005
Big Hole.
*fuck sake urban dictionary, ruined my whole apathy approach to defining words with ur stupid 20 letters, 3 words rule, Urban Dictionary = Hole*

Ireland = Hole.

*fuck sake urban dictionary, ruined my whole apathy approach to defining words with ur stupid 20 letters, 3 words rule, Urban Dictionary = Hole*
by meh April 10, 2005