A country whose inhabitants are ridiculously sensitive about being stereotyped as drunken karaoke singers who like a good fight and who seeth in raging pits of anger whenever anyone English or American even mentions the word leprechaun or claims to have Irish ancestry. All that rage, despite the fact that millions of Brits and Yanks actually do descend from Ireland (and kept Ireland from total financial ruin by way of remittance payments) and thousands of Irish people in leprechaun costumes grace the streets of Dublin every Paddy's Day and inevitably sing Fields of Athenry and drink 20 pints of larger before getting in the fight with the dude who knocked into their bag of chips.
You're not Irish I'm Irish because only people who live in Ireland are Irish.... I know nothing about the concept of ethnicity or identity politics in New World countries because I webbed 6 jagerbombs last night, I'm so proud of myself.
by EamonnOG December 11, 2006
nation in which the average citizen is now wealthier that the average brit thanks to british taxpayers money going into EU pockets and promptly sent to the island of ireland.
"i'm rich and a presenter on British television; i'm Irish"
by gb uk ni January 27, 2005
one of a whore who likes to suck dicks and thinks its fun to fuck every guy she can for the purpose of trying to get herpes
koty your "best friend" is acting like a ireland
by killagramcam January 15, 2009
Ireland is at the western-most edge of Europe, and a rather wonderful edge it is. Its people, along with the Americans and Asians have salvaged the English language as an artistic force. Unfortunately Ireland harbours a peculier condition whereby everything North American, regardless of its stupidity, is considered exceptionally 'grand'.

Coupled with this Ireland has a tendency for its less educated, yet more vocal 10% of the population to bleat nonsense about 'Black and Tans' and generally deride the English, this is regardless of the fact that during WW2, the joint would have become Hitler's private golfing resort without them.

It is a site of:

Unmatched art and culture

Willful ignorance, hypocricy and begrudgery

A technically perfect quasi-socialist Government

High rural suicide rates

Inflatable tri-colour hammers






Casual racism

Cultural openness

Challenging, maddening, gorgeous women

Rampant alcoholism

Men with square heads

Ginger children

People called Seamus

Passports with harps on them

Crap roads


Bosco the puppet

Stereotypically superior potatos
Ireland generally is confused, self-contradictory, flawed and possibly the most honestly human place on Earth because of it. Thank fuck for that...
by Clem November 21, 2005
Got Rich thanks to EU money, But now they gotta pay up cause they are not the poorest country now that others have joined. They had a good run but looks likes it's time to pay the piper for this money grabbing Isle.
Ireland, You had to be born there to be Irish. I am talking to you "Irish" americans
by Harry bosch May 29, 2006
A country with a national average IQ of ninety.
Reading the additions to "irish" and "ireland" on www.urbandictionary.com shows that the Irish clearly have an inferiority complex after centuries of systematic abuse and humiliation.
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
Take me down to the car-bomb city where the Guiness is black and the girls are pretty.
Irish Car-Bombs, Guiness
by Laura March 29, 2005

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