Not Northern Ireland. So, would you dumbasses stop saying that Ireland's part of Britain, when it is infact NORTHERN Ireland that is part of Britain.
"Hi, I'm from Ireland."
"Oh cool dude you're British!"
"No, you idiot, that would make me NORTHERN Irish!"
by Miss-90s December 09, 2007
Land of poets, scholars, and gentlemen, quick-witted women with tongues like whips and quick-fisted men with spirits like fire.

Birthplace of the greatest "British" writer to have ever lived: Oscar Wilde.

Welly says that Ireland is located to the west of the most influential nation on Earth? What has Wales done that is so dang important, aside from likewise being utterly beautiful and amazing? Or are we talking about the Isle of Man?
Mwahaha, Ireland is teh gr33tz. But then again, so is the UK.

Yes, I'm of Irish descent, yes, I family there, and yes, I've been there often.

P.S.: As an American, any clever Irishman who tries to tell me that "Pog Mo Thon" is Gaelic for "hello" gets a ka-crack upside ze head.
by wouldn't I like to tell July 28, 2005
The place that everybody thinks is part of the UK but isn't (excluding Northern Ireland). The place where plenty of scangers try to be very anti-british using Irish sentences and slogans they don't understand.

Other then that, we're awesome :) Also without us, there'd be like...2 people in the USA today.

Ireland will one day become an Empire in the same way that happened in Star Wars Episode 3.
Ignorant American: Hey, you're from the UK, aren't you?
Irish person: Oh no, I'm from Ireland.
Ignorant American: Yeah the UK!
Irish person: Ireland's not part of the UK.
Ignorant American: Oh really? Whatever, so does the queen visit often?
Irish person: No, do she visit you?
Ignorant American: No stupid. We're not part of the UK like you!
Irish person: ...
by AlanTheMan3436 August 22, 2006
A place where millions of fifth generation Irish college students associate their heritage with in order to justify their drinking and rowdiness. Also they use their "heritage" to explain why it is they can drink so much because everyone know the only way to increase your tolerance to alcohol is to be Irish and not by drinking more.

The association between Americans who are 1/4 Irish with a country they have never visited and know nothing about is very similar to 5th generation Italians kids wearing John Gotti shirts and going on and on about their mothers hand made mannicotti in order to "embrace" their ethnicity.

Get a clue and embrace something worthwhile such as the poets and artists that Ireland cultivated and not ale and binge drinking. At least get to know your culture and associate yourself with an Irish club in your town and bring pride to your people instead of being a shameless, sloppy drunk and then saying "Hey it's okay if i drink 10 beers a day, I'm Irish!"
College Kid #1 - "My grandfather is from Ireland that's why I can hold 20 beers and not be drunk!"

College kid #2 - "Oh cool, you must have alot of pride in the beautiful language of Gailic. How do you feel about the struggle going on in your country right now?"

College kid #1 - " I don't know what you're talking about but let's play some Dropkick Murphy's and pick a fight with some dirty British faggot for trying to take over my country because I'm so Irish"!

College kid #2 - "Why are you randomly speaking in an Irish accent?"
by David155555 February 11, 2007
A large island to the west of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland). Contrary to popular (largely ignorant American) opinion, the Irish do not sit around drinking and swearing all day, and if any of you so-called 'Irish-Americans' had ever been, you would know that. Ireland is a country rich in culture, particularly that of sean nos singing and storytelling- many children in Ireland, particularly in Meath and the surrounding counties, grow up with the old legends of the High Kings, the Fiana and giants, monsters and witches-this is evidence of the amazing Irish imagination and gift for story-telling.

Ireland has been plagued by American and English sterotypes, such as the misconception that we are all drunkards, or that we all speak with a hugely fake Cork accent and say 'top o' the morning to ya, laddie' - I have lived here my entire life and not once have I heard an Irish person say that seriously. The fact that Americans 'imitate' us by say 'top o' the morning' is I think due to those stupid Lucky Charms commercials, and whoever wrote them should die a horrible death :)
Irishman: 'Hello, how are you?'
American: 'OMG are you from Ireland? Top o' the morning to ya!'
Irishman: *punches American*
by Roisín O'Gara February 16, 2009
Ireland is one of the few (if only) countries in Europe that is not being overrun by Muslims or African nationals, has a positive Native birth rate, and are proud of who they are. Long live Ireland.
Frenchie: "Oui-Oui, I don't have le courage, to stand up for my country and my people, which is why or cities have ethnic riots and violence."

Danishman: " I habe das same problem, with our cartoons, we are at the mercy of religious extremists. Help us Ireland!"

Irishman: "Not our problem, grow some balls you pussies."
by McKickazz May 28, 2006
A small country in western Europe that accidentally legalised ecstasy in March 2015
Ireland, the only 1st world country to legalise ecstasy -accidently
by sliding door March 10, 2015

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