One of the few respectable countries left in Europe, Ireland suffered many years under the harsh rule of the evil British. However, by 1900's, the Irish were fed up and whooped their oppressors asses. The British government, being the fuckups that they are, divided Ireland into the Republic of Ireland and North Ireland (Ulster). Efforts from the fair and respectable Sinn Fein and other nationalist parties, to unite the island that is rightfully theirs, have been unsuccessful thanks to British vote "miscounting" and scare tactics.
Irish are often blamed for "harboring terrorists". However, the IRA is a freedom fighting organization who targets military more than civilian targets. British people, being the anti-American assholes they are, will always blame them getting their asses whooped by the IRA on the US because of rightful funds being sent to the IRA from businesses in Boston and New York.
by hatred December 01, 2003
Ireland is a beautiful country. Whenever I have visited with my Granny (Who is Irish) people have been so friendly. I love visiting Dublin and seeing all the famous landmarks, including the guiness factory. There is also the 'Cockles and Mussels song (Also called the Molly Malone song)' which I have loved since I was a child.
Molly Malone / Cockles And Mussels

Alive alive oh
alive alive ohh
Singing cockles and mussels
alive alive ohhh

In Dublin's fair city
where the girls are so pretty
I once met a girl named sweet Molly Malone
and she wheeled her wheel barrow
through the streets broad and narrow
singing cockles and mussels alive alive oh

She was a fish monger
and sure was no wonder
so were her mother and father before
and they wheeled their wheel barrow
through the streets broad and narrow
singing cockles and mussels alive alive oh

She died of a fever
and so one could save her
and that was the end of sweet Molly Malone
now her ghost wheels her barrow through the streets broad and narrow
singing cockles and mussels alive alive oh

Alive alive oh
alive alive ohh
Singing cockles and mussels
alive alive ohhh

One of Ireland's most famous folk songs!!
by SophieLovesDublin November 07, 2009
1. The most kick-ass country in the world
2. Only country with a holiday celebrated world-wide.
3. Is not full of alcoholics.
4. No-Leprechauns aren't real you dumbasses.
5. If you're from there you rock!!
6. The greenest and most beautiful country.
7. Home to amazing musicians and actors. (U2, The Script, The Cranberries, Colin Farrell, etc.)
8. You are one lucky son of a bitch if you've got Irish blood running through your veins.
Ireland rocks!!
by CrazyIrish&&Proud(: March 18, 2009
sister country to Wales, a most BEAUTIFUL place, where the people are awesome and the landscape ROX!!!!
wales and ireland forever!! let us unite against the pommie arseholes!!
by Beth April 26, 2005
The place that everybody thinks is part of the UK but isn't (excluding Northern Ireland). The place where plenty of scangers try to be very anti-british using Irish sentences and slogans they don't understand.

Other then that, we're awesome :) Also without us, there'd be like...2 people in the USA today.

Ireland will one day become an Empire in the same way that happened in Star Wars Episode 3.
Ignorant American: Hey, you're from the UK, aren't you?
Irish person: Oh no, I'm from Ireland.
Ignorant American: Yeah the UK!
Irish person: Ireland's not part of the UK.
Ignorant American: Oh really? Whatever, so does the queen visit often?
Irish person: No, do she visit you?
Ignorant American: No stupid. We're not part of the UK like you!
Irish person: ...
by AlanTheMan3436 August 22, 2006
Ireland the Island is formed by the 26 Counties of the Republic of Ireland and the War-Torn 6 Occupied Counties of the U.K., Northern Ireland, Ulster, Etc. Contrary to American and British belief we don't eat potatos to the extent we used to in the 1800s, We don't all drink Guinness (I do though, just sayin'), and We aren't all farmers with exaggerated Cork Accents. Although theres still violence in the North is has diminished but If you know any this about Irish History and her Rebellions we have a good 10-20 years at the most before we see another war with Britain. Most guys in Ireland love our Football, Rugby, and Gaelic Football, We are extremely proud of our National Rugby team, not so much our National Football Team, The Scottish Celtic Football Club is a really liked team down south, I'm a bit of a fan my self. Fun Fact there are more Irish in America and Australia than in Ireland itself you can thank the Brits for that. Some more misconceptions WE HAVE OUR OWN LANGUAGE, yes any it sound crazy that some people (Americans) Don't know it. LEPRECHAUNS ARE NOT REAL , NO Americans, NO! They arn't real ok.
Real Conservation with American at Petrol Station While on Holiday in Florida

Me: And how much would that be, Like?
American:...Hey Dude whats your accent?
Me: Dubliner-Irish
American: WOOOO!!!
Me: *Ears Recovering from loud reaction*....
American: My Great Great Aunt on my moms side is Irish shes from Glasgow!
Me:Glasgow's in Scotland.....
American:Scotland, Ireland Same thing!....
Me:*Thinking: no, no its not.*
American:...hey can you say something Irish?!?!?
Amercian: Irish Say Something Irish
Me:Téigh trasna ort féin
American:Thats not Irish thats Gibberish!
Me:Yea it is Irish you said Irish....
American:No thats Gibberish
Me:Fuck off keep the fuckin' change
Me: *Walks out of Store*
by S.Devlin February 20, 2013
Not Northern Ireland. So, would you dumbasses stop saying that Ireland's part of Britain, when it is infact NORTHERN Ireland that is part of Britain.
"Hi, I'm from Ireland."
"Oh cool dude you're British!"
"No, you idiot, that would make me NORTHERN Irish!"
by Miss-90s December 09, 2007

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