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1. The most kick-ass country in the world
2. Only country with a holiday celebrated world-wide.
3. Is not full of alcoholics.
4. No-Leprechauns aren't real you dumbasses.
5. If you're from there you rock!!
6. The greenest and most beautiful country.
7. Home to amazing musicians and actors. (U2, The Script, The Cranberries, Colin Farrell, etc.)
8. You are one lucky son of a bitch if you've got Irish blood running through your veins.
Ireland rocks!!
by CrazyIrish&&Proud(: March 18, 2009
A beautiful warm, caring country.
with gorgeous views everywhere you go.
I've read alot of the definitions
for 'Ireland'.
& to be honest, most of them
are 100% wrong.
either people who don't know
the first thing about Ireland add a definition, or some of the Irish people
at their worst add one.
don't be fooled by what you read here.
We don't hate anyone.
Not the USA, not the UK, no one.
Obviously I can't say our whole nation
doesn't hate anyone, people have
their opinions.
but most Irish people don't act like some
of the things I've read here submitted
by Irish people. At least no Irish person
I've met does.
I have actually been deeply offended
by one or two definitions i've read here.
Most of you have us Irish people
all wrong!
There IS horrible people in Ireland.
But isn' there horrible people everywhere nowadays?
We don't go around eating 'spuds'
and living in the backass of nowhere
we're normal
civilised people.
(at least most of us are)
Ireland is a beautiful country
and no words can describe how proud I am
to be 100% Irish.
Thanks for reading. :)
Roisín: Ireland is a goregous country.
Seán: I agree
by CranberryPerson August 28, 2008
A beautiful country! full of the most Friendliest people you will ever meet! Beautiful women! Invented guinness and the colour green Beautiful culture and music! Incredible landscape Won eurovision more times then anyone else!
Sexiest accents ever. Irishmen can talk there way out of anything. Defeated the vikings and the english!
although i am not irish i wish i was!. The irish are just great
God save ireland!
by Yankeydoodle August 26, 2009
Ireland the Island is formed by the 26 Counties of the Republic of Ireland and the War-Torn 6 Occupied Counties of the U.K., Northern Ireland, Ulster, Etc. Contrary to American and British belief we don't eat potatos to the extent we used to in the 1800s, We don't all drink Guinness (I do though, just sayin'), and We aren't all farmers with exaggerated Cork Accents. Although theres still violence in the North is has diminished but If you know any this about Irish History and her Rebellions we have a good 10-20 years at the most before we see another war with Britain. Most guys in Ireland love our Football, Rugby, and Gaelic Football, We are extremely proud of our National Rugby team, not so much our National Football Team, The Scottish Celtic Football Club is a really liked team down south, I'm a bit of a fan my self. Fun Fact there are more Irish in America and Australia than in Ireland itself you can thank the Brits for that. Some more misconceptions WE HAVE OUR OWN LANGUAGE, yes any it sound crazy that some people (Americans) Don't know it. LEPRECHAUNS ARE NOT REAL , NO Americans, NO! They arn't real ok.
Real Conservation with American at Petrol Station While on Holiday in Florida

Me: And how much would that be, Like?
American:...Hey Dude whats your accent?
Me: Dubliner-Irish
American: WOOOO!!!
Me: *Ears Recovering from loud reaction*....
American: My Great Great Aunt on my moms side is Irish shes from Glasgow!
Me:Glasgow's in Scotland.....
American:Scotland, Ireland Same thing!....
Me:*Thinking: no, no its not.*
American:...hey can you say something Irish?!?!?
Amercian: Irish Say Something Irish
Me:Téigh trasna ort féin
American:Thats not Irish thats Gibberish!
Me:Yea it is Irish you said Irish....
American:No thats Gibberish
Me:Fuck off keep the fuckin' change
Me: *Walks out of Store*
by S.Devlin February 20, 2013
Not Northern Ireland. So, would you dumbasses stop saying that Ireland's part of Britain, when it is infact NORTHERN Ireland that is part of Britain.
"Hi, I'm from Ireland."
"Oh cool dude you're British!"
"No, you idiot, that would make me NORTHERN Irish!"
by Miss-90s December 09, 2007
The most awesome, attractive, and beautiful girl you'll ever meet
by Shialabeef April 23, 2013
Land of poets, scholars, and gentlemen, quick-witted women with tongues like whips and quick-fisted men with spirits like fire.

Birthplace of the greatest "British" writer to have ever lived: Oscar Wilde.

Welly says that Ireland is located to the west of the most influential nation on Earth? What has Wales done that is so dang important, aside from likewise being utterly beautiful and amazing? Or are we talking about the Isle of Man?
Mwahaha, Ireland is teh gr33tz. But then again, so is the UK.

Yes, I'm of Irish descent, yes, I family there, and yes, I've been there often.

P.S.: As an American, any clever Irishman who tries to tell me that "Pog Mo Thon" is Gaelic for "hello" gets a ka-crack upside ze head.
by wouldn't I like to tell July 28, 2005