Ya know, the "americans are idiots" tirade is rather tiresome. Yep-lots of people don't know their geography or history very well, mud slinging doesn't help.

I could just as well call the Irish a bunch of in-bred drunkards - you HAVE lived on an island for many generations, inbreeding HAD to occur at some time.

And honestly, to us "stupid Americans" Ireland may as well be England from our perspective. Both countries are no bigger than some of our states!

Ignorant Europeans need to shut up just as much as ignorant Americans do when they talk about someplace they've never been. Most Europeans can't comprehend the scale of a SINGLE UNIFIED country the U.S. is. Where you must drive THREE THOUSAND MILES to cross the country coast-to-coast, and NEVER HAVE TO SHOW A PASSPORT. Plus the environmental variation is stunning, from the dreary, wet, but lush New England States, to the rolling plains of the midwest, the Mississippi river delta, the deserts of the SouthWest, the stunning Rocky Mountains, the dark-forested Cascades of the Northwest, and the absolutely perfect weather of Southern California, where you can water ski and snow ski in the SAME DAY.

Americans have a REASON for being ignorant of the world: For 300 years they've been physically isolated from the rest of the world by two vast oceans. The land provided all the resources they needed for the first 200 years, and the thought of risking one's life to cross an ocean to risk one's life visiting unstable countries just didn't make sense, especially since it was also quite expensive.

What excuse do Euopeans have for their ignorance? They've been physically close to all the strife of the last 200 years. What excuse do Europeans have for blaming individual Americans for the faults of the government? I can speak to this-every trip I've made to Europe I've been accosted/challenged AGGRESSIVELY about how "you Americans" screw things up. Last I checked, I had no influence on the foibles of our corrupt government, no more than Euopeans can control their corrupt, SOCIALIST governments.

But *I* don't blame the people I meet-I recognize they are everyday Joes who just want to live their lives, like the rest of us.

So get off your soapbox-us "stupid Americans" are tired of your whining. Once you can keep the bully in your own sandbox and stop having them come after us, then we'll stop messing in "your" affairs.

WW 1, WW 2, both dragged the US into it, because you smart Europeans couldn't manage to get along.

Personally I can't wait to visit Ireland and also Scotland-I'm a golfer and will love seeing it's home. I've heard it's all stunningly beautiful, but I hope the next Scot I meet is a bit more rational-the last one was an argumentative drunk. If I were to stereotype like others here- I would beleive he represented the typical Scot-a drunk arrogant bastard.

See-that's what happens when you write divisive, stereotypical things-the blade can cut both ways.
Ireland: The Irish can't stop their bloody in-fighting, preferring to blame their problems on England.

by bobbsy1234 October 02, 2006
Photos & Videos
1. Where Irish people live.
2. Where Leprechaunsare NOT from.
3. Where not everyone is a drunken bogger.
4. Where irish is spoken in some areas (Dia duit = hello).
5. Where it always rains
6. Where there's a big stick-like-statue in the middle of Dubin.
7. Where everyone rocks!
1. Ireland is a island in Europe.

2. Tá Éire fíorálainn (Ireland is beautiful)
by Cailín beag (small girl) June 14, 2003
A country with a rich culture and heritage, plus lots of drinking. Stereotyped by the world as being farmers and leprechauns (That accent that Richard Gere uses in the Jackal actually does not exist)

Oppressed for centuries and today divided, we are now ruled by corrupt politicians who are more interested in the contents of their next brown envelope than the welfare of the country.
Yes, despite all that, I'm proud to be Irish.
by Snake January 15, 2005
The best place on the planet. Everyone rocks there and it's so green and lovely. We have our own language which is one of the longest surviving in the world but the vast majority of us speak English because those bastards invaded our island and took all our land and opressed us with huge taxes that just went straight into the King of England's pocket, but then in the early 20th century we fought back and won most of the country back (we didn't get 6 counties in the north). Now we have a really bad government but who cares IREALND ROCKS!
P.s. Noone in Ireland sounds the way you americans think we do. And not everyone in Ireland is called SEAMUS!
Dia duit.....Póg mo thóin!

translation: Hello.....Kiss my ass!
by non-conformist May 08, 2005
Land of awful weather. You can freeze there in summer time.
Land of drinkers and black sheep.


It's the greenest land i've ever seen. The most beautiful, the most 'mystic'.
The land of shamrocks, POTATOES(!!!!!) poets & writers.
Ireland rocks and will rock forever.
The sky moves with you.
green, clouds, guinness
by Anna January 09, 2005
A small location on the western edge of Europe, it has a long and colourful history.

After 600 years of oppression, and several previous attempts (which coined the phrase "The fighting Irish - As they never lay down and accepted occupiers) the Irish revolted in 1916 to go on a defeat the British empire and force them to withdraw from the nation.

Humiliated, the British made an agreement to leave the Island, except for 6 northern counties to save face from absolute defeat. Ireland has been the thorn in Britains side for centuries.

The withdrawl was due to several reasons.
1/ International condemnation and pressure for their treatment of the Irish.
2/ The brittish were unable to control the Irish as every man in the street was willing to lay down his life for his country and his freedom.
3/ The losing battle they were fighting on the streets of Dublin and towns around the country was humiliating for an "Empire".

Irelands population was once peaked at 12 million in the 1800's.... a century on, the Irish population is 3.5 million.

This is due to brittish rule forcing famine around the country in which millions of innocent people starved to death or died of the plague and hundreds of thousands of others were forced to emigrate, mostly to the USA, Australia and Argentina.

After the Brittish left, the Irish fell into civil war over the agreement to let them leave and keep the 6 counties. Some were for this, as the Brittish were fucking off, some were against it as they were willing to keep fighting them until they surrenderd and withdrew unconditionaly.

The only reason Northern Ireland is still under UK control is that during the civil war in the south, brittish plantations were put in the north, sending over hundreds of thousands of UK citizens to dilute the Irish population in these parts and heavy millitary guard, the northern Irish people went on to be treated like shit as the south tried to resolve its internal political problems.

In the 60's, another Irish uprising was born in the form of the IRAs bombing campaign. After terrorisng the brittish forces in Northern Ireland, again the Brittish allowed it to fall into chaos and lost complete control.

This resulted in Bloody Sunday, when Brittish soldiers marched into an Irish estate and gunned down several innocent, unarmed irish people, including women and children, seemingly shooting at random and at those aiding the injured.

Outraged, the Irish brought the bombin campaign to London where they caused chaos once more. The most notable and audacious boming was on the Brittish Government.

The IRA bombed a hotel the entire Brittish government were staying in, unfortunatly, failing to kill their leader, maggie thatcher.

For this, throughout the 80's and to a lesser extent, there is still racisim from brittish people towards the Irish for their assault on the UK. If they were educated enough, they would understand that this was a drop in the ocean compared to what they have done to the Irish over the last 600 years.

It's only a matter of time before Northern Ireland comes back into Irish control as the Brittish government no longer really holds an interest in it as there has peace between our nations for 20 years.

Some may hold contempt towards us, but we don't really give a shit, because we all hate them anyway, and we took our country back, so we really couldn't give a fuck what they do or think over there.
Freedom to Ireland.

Tiocfaidh Ar La - Irish for "Our Day Will Come" the moto of the Irish Republican Army (IRA)
by ShamrockPaddy July 22, 2006
The home to the best people in the world. They love everyone and love to party. They know how to have a good time.
Guy 1: Dude, do you remember going to Ireland!

Guy 2: Yeah, that was the best.
by The I.R.A. November 25, 2010
Ah.. Ireland what a great country, yeah it rains a lot, so what ! the people they rock !!! and the landscape rocks aswell
and its green. Also there is guinness the best beer in the world. Im not Irish but i go there on holidays, im from Italy but my mothers fathers grandma is from Ireland. Italy is also a very cool place.
1. Ireland and Italy both rock !!!

by Stefano .A. September 02, 2006

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