Owned by the rival unexpectedly and illegally.

Another way of saying "Invaded".

Word of Origin:

Americans took over Iraq in 2003 by bombing Baghdad, which is an illegal act towards the UN and the world.
Example 1:

The American's Illegally Iraqed Iraq by bombing Baghdad and overthrew Saddam Hussein and now has full control of the oil and the country.

Example 2:

The hacker Iraqed the computer network system and now has the capibility of changing private information secretly.
by judenihal July 22, 2008
To tell a girl all night during intercourse that you're going to pull out, but you never do.
1) "Dude, I totally iraqed this bitch last night!"
2) "--??"
1) "I fucked her hard, told her I'd pull out and then I never did!"
2) "--Sweet"
by mujazzman March 18, 2009

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