They are Aryans ("True Aryan Race") Iran was originally called "Iranshahr", meaning "Land of the Aryans"
They are semites as well.
They are not white people, but in the US they are classified as 'white', which is extremely offending to their heritage.
They speak Farsi, not Arabic. (Farsi is mainly a mixture of pure Persian, Arabic, and Turkish) Arabic words are in Farsi due to the Arabs conquering Iran hundreds of years ago. Turkish words are in Farsi because, the Safavid Empire's (one of the three Persian Empires) official language was Turkish.
A stereotypical Iranian is fairly skinned, big nosed, dark haired, brown eyed, EXTREMELY hairy (yes, for BOTH genders), pretty rich yet cheap. They love bargains and free stuff. They have odd accents.
by aguynamedandy October 25, 2005
1) Prefer to be called "persian"- gentle like the cat "meoww"
2) lead by the shortest man in the world- the only iranian with balls to speak out against anyone- only middle eastern
3) Most men, named "ali" or "reza" or "ali-reza",
4) Men, if they dnt get girls, they cut thier dicks off and become Trannys. - 2nd highest population of transexuals in the world. (1st thailand)
"I think Rezalina is an Iranian"- (4)
by just for jokes March 10, 2008
The act of jamming your fingers violently into the rectal area of another person. The act is typically done while the other person is fully clothed. If the other person is naked, then it is considered an Indoor Iranian. It is inspired by the now famous video of Iranian soccer player Mohammd Nosrati (Iranian national player) fingering his unsuspecting team-mate (Sheys Rezaee) after their team scores the first goal in Iran Premier League-Damash vs Perspolise, on 29 October 2011. He can also be seen in another video grabbing the balls of an unsuspecting teammate while celebrating another goal. The stunts were frowned upon by the conservative government in Iran and landed him in prison.
She was asleep face down on the bed when I snuck up and gave her an Iranian, causing her to arch her back and squeal like a pig!
by shaggariffic January 17, 2012
People who are brown, hairy, are generally cheap, and are almost always intellectual of some sort. Almost all Iranians hate other races and religions, most specifically Jews, Blacks, and Mexicans(Not Hispanics, they're pretty rad).
That guy made a racist comment that included Nigger, Spic, and Kike, I bet he's Iranian.
by Fadakizzle March 28, 2008
Iranian is synonymous with rude, dark skinned, hairy with a huge nose. Almost 90% of Iranian women get nose jobs!!!!
Iranians try hard to convince others they should be seen as white are NOT are DARK.......
Iranians range in color from olive/light tan through to deep brown.........
So please stop the crap of light skinned light hair etc.
I have been to Iran and even to India.
I saw more people in India percentage-wise with blue/green/grey/hazel eyes than I did in Iran.......

Iran=dune coon, sand nigger.....
Genetics have shown that Iranians have similar haplotypes and markers as do Jews and Arabs whgome they don't like.......
What is dark, smelly and rides a camel?

An Iranian, what else!
by AryanGod March 22, 2009

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