An Ipex is:

A computer running a 32 bit graphical shell,
on a 16 bit operating system,
on an 8 bit processor
on a 4 bit motherboard
built by a 2 bit company
that can't stand 1 bit of truth.
Yesterday i flattened my Ipex with my Holden Commodore and went and bought a new PowerBook.
by Someone else March 23, 2004
Badly made; General swear word; Exclamation.
Ipex this bloody POS machine!
by Antipex December 13, 2003
What comes out of your ass when you go to the toilet
A computer without hope
by hehe April 04, 2004
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
If it wasn't for Ipexes,
Our screwdrivers and soldering irons would be rust.
Piece of shit computer
by Someone else March 23, 2004
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