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Noun: large iPod touch

...seriously, that's it.
Person 1: Dude OMG check out my new iPad! It's revolutionary! Thank you STEVE JOBS<333

Person 2: I'm pretty sure my iPod touch and your iPhone are the exact same thing, only more portable...

Person 1: ...did you say something? STEVE JOBS<3
by Pseudonym_3 January 27, 2010
366 140
A general term for something that is expected to be great, but turns out to be terrible.
'I really thought last night would be an awesome night out, but it was such an iPad'

'We broke up after she told me I was nothing but an iPad'

'The iPad announcement was a huge iPad'
by jc_Sed8d March 01, 2010
232 65
apple's newest iPod touch. It revolutionizes how large a portable media player can be.
Steve jobs: My iPad is more fucking disappointing than the Matrix sequels.
by Steveee Jobs January 29, 2010
218 72
Kindle's murderer.
Jean: That new Sedaris book is out. I'll download it to my handy dandy friend, Kindle!

Barry: Kindle? You still stuck on him? I thought iPad killed Kindle before it even had a chance to reach pre-school.

Jean: Ya, I know, that sure was a waste of $300. iPad is so guilty in the case of Kindle's murderer. Kindle is now resting in peace with Palm Pilot, VCR and Projection TV in Techno Heaven.
by Sidbo January 27, 2010
242 125
A very expensive device used to clean up Steve Jobs after he has a period. Often refered to as a "friggn big iPhone"
"Sure you use tampons i use an iPad in style!"
by Dat_jew January 28, 2010
150 51
Apple's latest addition to its range of appliances, the iPad is a new breakthrough technology in sanitary care for women. It's new technology interface could even make menstruation fun for women everywhere. The iPad comes in three sizes, 16GB (Grams of Blood) being the smallest, and reaching the Maxi iPad, 64GB.

It holds up to 10 Hours of soaking life, and has a brilliant touch interface that makes it easier than ever for users.

Including Apples latest A4 chip, it has accelerometers to control flow and a light sensitivity chip to adjust light for users at any time of the day or night.

The iPad introduces a brand new media entertainment front to its users. With built in speakers and brilliant display, if it's that time of the month you can still keep your man entertained with movies music and full access to the internet.
Starting at 500 USD, the iPad will be the latest girl accessory, with third-party developers already looking at writing apps for more comfort, control, reliability and entertainment.
'Hey I just got one of those knew iPad's!'
'Oh yeah? What's it like?'

'Man you gotta have a go at one of these iPad's! So absorbent, so entertaining, so long lasting! Steve Jobs really has done it this time!'
by McLovincheesecake January 28, 2010
95 42
The next generation of failed expectations, especially in reference to devices ripped from Star Trek.
"I hope the new iCommunicator won't turn out to be another iPad."
by Joshua Fan January 27, 2010
96 46