A greek letter so small that it is not worth knowing.
Note that iota is now known as i, at least in the field of complex numbers (not the simple ones).
#small #tiny #greek #alphabet #mathematics
by AXI November 10, 2006
Top Definition
A very small amount; a bit
Not an iota of truth to that tale.
#small #tiny #small amount #tiny amount #very small
by Kalopsmannen March 03, 2006
The bomb ass skate boarding company staight out of MN.
Check my new Iota Deck out, its P.I.M.P
One of the best musicians of our time. With a great voice, great music, and heaps of charisma, iOTA is totally cool. He deserves way more fame then he gets. He should be on the top of the charts!!!
Tumble Down
Melbourne Summer
Wooden Skeletons
Million Miles

All his songs are brilliant, but these are the faves.
by gracie April 30, 2005
(n) crap, dooky, poop, diareah, cornblock, $#!T, or chocolate fountain spalsh, but it mostly means $#!T or dooky.
I dont give a iota if you sharted on your dog.
I will not deal with this iota.
#crap #dooky #shit #poop #funny #gross #bunnys
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