Slang for "I don't know"
Steve: "How's this look?"
Jerry: "Iono. Okay, I guess."
by IKe February 07, 2004
Top Definition
shortened version of "i dunno", which is a shortend version of "i dont know", which is a shortend version of "i do not know"
Iono where your pencil is, find it yourself!
by karate December 07, 2003
12 year-old internet chatter's way of saying "I don't know."
What are you doing this weekend (besides using the computer)?

by Isi Oamen February 08, 2004
retarded way of spelling i don't know
whats for dinner
by Ben February 07, 2004
Basically the same thing as iunno, it is a quickened version of "I do not know", used in both chatting and in informal speech.

It's history may trace back to Homer Simpson, who often makes a sound that is in between "iono" and "iunno". (Says a lot about his intelligence, doesn't it?)
PersonMan: So, whatchu up to tonight?
TriangleMan: iono. How bout j00?
PersonMan: iono.
TriangleMan: das coo.
by Mallio November 19, 2003
"I Don't Know", shorter, and therefore easier to use then ionno
Someone asks you a question, your response: "Iono."
by DeathFyre February 07, 2004
"I don't know" or "I dunno"
Q: Dude, where the heck did you put my wallet?
A: Iono. Forgot.
by RoyalKnight November 16, 2003
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