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The manhood of a very masculine woman. A contraction of "invisible cock", referring to a non-existent but very plausible possession of a dick on the part of a female, especially one seen as "one of the guys."
Zach: "Sally's such a man. She knows more about sports than I do."

Eric: "Yeah, she has an invisicock. You never see it coming."
by leggie_blonde August 15, 2009
A device used in hentai games and anime to avoid showing a man's penis, thus circumventing Japan's censorship laws. Usually the penis is shown as transparent cylinder or as a beam of light.
This chained-up underage anime schoolgirl who may have been my sister was sucking my invisicock so hard I had to activate my tentacles before my orgasmeter was maximized. I'm sure glad real life doesn't resemble hentai games at all in any way.
by Phlegatu May 10, 2005