1. Not visible; unseen

2. (Espec. in Iraq) Weapons of Mass Destruction.
1. I can't see you. Are you invisible?
by ieatmako June 19, 2004
Top Definition
What every person in the world sometimes wishes to become.
I wish I could be invisible a least for a while. That way, I could enter everywhere without paying and listening to people's chats without being noticed.
#visible #disapperance #invisibility #unpleasant #impossible
by Urban_Fellow July 10, 2006
An awesome status on instant messaging services like AIM and Facebook chat that allow you appear offline in order to leave an awkward conversation or hide from someone but still remain online.
xxblablablaxx - We need to talk.
dudeguyman - Hold on i have to go take my grandma to the vet.
*changes status to invisible*
**dudeguyman has logged off**
#aim #communication #status #ninja #genius
by punkisdeadcv December 23, 2009
Unable to be seen.
I can't see it; is it invisible?
by Trilogy August 17, 2003
Used to refer to something or someone which is conspicuously missing.
There was invisible happy at the funeral.

#not there #unseen #irony #internet speak #absent
by Claire the Pear September 20, 2008
John cena
U can't see him (I.e. Is invisible) john cena cant see him cant see me
by Dumpythewhale October 12, 2015
an added s or 's, on to a word. Typically as a suffix for a possession that is not actually added on to a word. Mostly used phonetically when talking about a brand, store or company ending with a name.

Kind of a fucked up cousin to the silent k.
Examples of Invisible S

Spelling Anyway Phonetically: Anyways
Spelling: Subway Phonetically: Subways
Spelling: Aldi Phonetically: Aldi's
Spelling: Chade Daniel Phonetically: Chase Daniels
#silent k #possesion #grammar #misspelling #phonetics
by tubbytom December 29, 2013
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