Economic term originated by some guy who I forgot claiming that there's an invisible hand guiding consumers to make the best descisions for the economy.
We may be in a depression, but it's only a matter or time before the invisible hand fixes things up.
by Burgermeister June 10, 2004
A group or organizations influences that are most likely unknown to any members not in the group.
The invisible hand of CSH
by Fotios June 10, 2004
To masturbate after lying on your hand for several minutes making it numb thus becoming invisible.
"I gave my invisible hand a good shag last night"
by Galoot of the Grove June 09, 2004
Also known as "the stranger."
Masturbatory practice in which you sit on your hand until it falls asleep, then go to town on yourself, thus giving the sensation that someone else is wanking you.
Ron was so lonely, he had to use the Invisible Hand technique to keep from blowing his brains out.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
The process by which the economy will correct itself according to Adam Smith.
The government doesnt need to do anything, the invisible hand will fix the economy
by James Hannan June 06, 2004
The process by which fees are removed from your bank account when you use the wrong/out-of-network automatic teller machine.
The "invisible hand" is going to take $2.50 for getting 20 bucks out of my checking account here.
by Nuska June 06, 2004
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